How To Work With Danburite

How to work with danburite /

Danburite is a rocket ship to higher realms; a high frequency crystal that quickly opens the crown chakra and facilitates all forms of channeling, Akashic Record work, spiritual awakening, and energy healing work.

Meditate with danburite:

  • for access to higher realms
  • to connect with the Angels
  • access higher frequency Beings
  • to invite more Source energy into your life
  • to dive deeper into meditation
  • to raise your vibration

Use it in crystal therapy:

  • if you are an energy healer
  • to amplify energy healing work
  • facilitate distance healing through time and space
  • to fill up a space with light especially it if is paired with clear quartz 
  • get accurate and even more intuitive information from the Akashic Records

Sleep with it:

  • at night for soul advancement
  • to access the Akashic Records in your dream state
  • and fill your energy system with light
  • to repair your aura from any type of psychic attack, unhealthy lifestyle etc

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