How to Work with Celestite for Spiritual Growth Pt. 1

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Celestite is a kick-a** spiritual crystal! What you can experience with it is really only limited by your resistance.

Ways to work with it:

  • Place it at your crown chakra to strengthen your connection to the Divine, Source, and to receive angelic guidance and channel their healing frequencies
  • Place a piece under your pillow at night, or by your bedside, to protect you from dark spirits, having nightmares or night-terrors
  • Hold celestite while meditating or journaling to discover your life purpose
  • You can also meditate while holding celestite in your receptive hand to receive guidance on how to expand, grow, and/or evolve as a spiritual being in this lifetime
  • For emotional wellness, hold celestite in your receptive hand and breathe gently when feeling anxious, triggered, or mired in money or material fears/thoughts/worries, to attain a more spiritual zen vibe

Special note: Celestite is very fragile, so don’t put in sunlight, water, in your pockets with things, or wear it as jewelry, as it can fade, dissolve, and/or be damaged very easily.

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