Opposites Detract: How to Shift From a Negative Mindset

opposites detract / krista-mitchell.com

I've seen both in my personal and professional experience how often our own thinking gets in the way of our happiness.

The question is: How do we switch that up?

Just as every action has an equal and opposite reaction, so does every thought and state of being. In other words, whatever you put out there is bound to come back to you. This doesn't mean that we're constantly cursing or blessing ourselves with our thoughts, but we certainly are with our focus and expectations. The Universe loves answering the question: "How could this day possibly get any worse?!!"

So don't ask the question.

Instead, there is a simple, elegant way to shift from negative states of mind or expectations: Play the game of opposites!

According to the Akasha, our mind is neutral, it is a cognitive mechanism which functions based on directions.  Energy is also neutral. This is Law. BUT, we have created a dual reality experience in the human condition where everything has an opposite: Light & dark, good & bad, fat and thin, right and wrong. Therefore whichever experience we choose, the opposite must also exist.

All it takes to flip from one side of the coin to the other is choosing our sense of focus and expectation. When we shift from one side to it's opposite, the mind (being neutral), takes that direction, and functions based on that reality. Energy (being neutral) responds to that shift and flows in that direction.

So the next time you catch yourself in a negative state of mind, or expectation, ask yourself: What would be the opposite of this? For example: Worrying about something, which is a fearful state of mind. The opposite of fear is love, so if you switch your focus to things you love, the fear dissolves, your energy shifts, and you can then believably adopt a positive expectation. The same holds true for lack/abundance, sadness/joy, struggle/ease, etc.

It is this simple, but it may require practice and the will to do it. The thing to remember is that your mind is neutral, it responds only to your directives. This is an empowering fact! To quote my guides in the Akasha: "You are not your mind, you are your Soul". 

I'll leave you with that thought.