Mystic Mastery: The Magical Eclipse Season of August

magical eclipse season of august 2017 /

Welcome to the Magical Month of August!

We have quite an incredible month ahead of us! It begins today with Lughansadh, the first of three harvest festivals and the transition in triple goddess lore from the time of the Mother (fullness, life) to the Crone (wisdom, psychism, death).

Then a full moon/lunar eclipse on the 7th, and a new moon/solar eclipse on the 21st. 

So how does all of this translate into our everyday lives?

This is a month, despite the slowness and heaviness of the summer heat, that is divinely designed to churn things up. This means that aspects of our shadow selves are going to come up to the surface, and how we respond to them is going to impact our experience for the following few months (if not longer).

I spoke last night about this time being like a tipping point: where things go from here comes down to choice.

The upside is that you can face your darkness, own your radiance, and move forward on your path of mastery. You can tune in with your soul's vision and heart's desires, and pursue them with joy.

The downside is that you can also feel like a hot mess, so it's important that you reach out for support, and turn to the spiritual practices that can help you navigate these shifting tides with grace, compassion, and insight.

Need some suggestions as to how? Here's a few:

  • Meditate: Outside under a tree. In a comfy corner with crystals. In savasana on your yoga mat. While mindfully washing your dishes. Even if it's just for five minutes, meditation is a crucial practice during times like these because it helps you to unhook from your "story" and reconnect with the stillness of your soul. It's your calm port in a storm.
  • Express what you're feeling: Journal, speak with a therapist, scream under water, or have a very good cry. You need to be able to release the feelings in order to come to the message or understanding underneath them. If you bottle them up, you're inviting a downward-spiral disaster.
  • Use sound vibration: Playing a tibetan or crystal singing bowl, chimes, bells, or even singing/chanting mantra or dancing to happy music helps to lift your spirits, increase your flow of chi, and shake off any dark or heavy energy that's sitting on you. From that place, you're better able to contemplate self-care, choices, actions, or beliefs with your higher self or from a more zen perspective.
  • Do mystical journey or dream work: Everything has a higher purpose. What do these eclipses mean for you? How can they contribute to your life, path, purpose, or healing process? What's their impact on you individually, as well as for the collective? Journey or dream work can help you to access the inner, soul, and divine guidance you need to really benefit from this time. 
  • Pray: Have a two-way conversation with God or the Universe (or any lightbeing, deity, or spirit of your choice). Ask for help, what you need, and for guidance. When they're heartfelt, I've always found that prayers are answered in one form or another.
  • Crystals that can support you: For the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, wear sodalite for inner knowledge, celestite for soul purpose, tektite for facing fears, ametrine to align your intuition with your will, and rhodochrosite to release emotional baggage and connect with your heart's joy.
  • Ritual: Whether it's ceremony, spell-work, religious, or personal, working ritual to align your energy with your vision, purpose, or desires will help you to not only ride out the shifting cosmic vibes, but work them for your highest good.

Some beautiful guidance from Lugh, Celtic god of the sun, came through in our "Path of the Priestess" journey last night, and I thought I would share them with you:

"In order to fully be in your light, 
You must also embrace your darkness.
This is the duality, the balance of life.
Birth and death. Summer and Winter. Ebb and flow.
When you master the shifting tides,
Both inner and outer,
You master your universe."

Blessings be!