How to Work Eclipse Energy for Personal Transformation

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No doubt many of you have been following reports on the astrological events of this month: The new moon/solar eclipse that happened last night, the Spring Equinox on the 20th, and the full moon/lunar eclipse on the 23rd. 

Holy Moses! There’s all kinds of information out there on the meanings of these individual events, so what I’m going to talk about here is how you can maximize the energy of this incredible phase we’re in for your highest benefit.

The word “blueprint” came up in a number of Akashic readings over the weekend. And today in a Realignment session with a client, I witnessed a beautiful image of all these puzzle pieces being blown up in the air, with the freedom for her to decide where they’d all be placed when they came down. In essence, her guides were telling her that she was now in a position to design and build from her own, self-determined, soul-essence blueprint. While this came up in her particular session, I received subsequent guidance that this applies to all of us.

The eclipses inject powerful energy into our experiences that often shake things up and trigger transformation. The path from the new moon to the full moon is a time of intention, goals, action, and manifestation. The two phases combined create an incredible juggernaut of magical energy, specifically designed and delivered to us, to help us envision, initialize, and embody/enact magnificent change that is a reflection of our souls’ essence!

Here’s some steps you can take to grab the reigns of this glorious, golden, unicorn-drawn chariot you’ve been handed (ok, I’m slightly over-indulging in the magical-ness of the moment, I’m just so excited about it!).

(And I love unicorns…):

  • Journal: Right now we’re just entering this phase, so it’s a perfect time to get quiet and have conversations with your Soul. Close your eyes, take a couple of deep breaths, and then let your awareness drop down into your center, wherever you feel your soul resides. Invite your divine consciousness into the conversation, then float back up, and start writing about the essence of who you are, what you really want, and how the details of your life (big and small) can be a reflection of that. Also make note of anything you feel you have to change/let go in the process. Be honest and don’t let fear tempt you out of the conversation; right now is a time of intuition and ideas.
  • Make a List: List out whatever steps, ideas, changes, or guidance comes to you from your journaling. Don’t let it overwhelm you – you’re engaging in a process. Just get it all down on the page(s) so that it’s not rolling around inside your head.
  • Make a Plan: Make a plan (or several plans) based on the items on your list. Some things you can start now, some may have to wait, some are small tasks that can be done quickly, some are larger projects that will take more time. Keep it realistic and measured so that it feels achievable.
  • Schedule: Allocate things into your schedule so that you have a map, timeline, and/or goals for getting things done. Again, keep this realistic, strategic, and achievable. It doesn’t have to happen overnight, and you need time to enjoy the process! If you give things the proper time they need to fully form, transform, or manifest, you’re guaranteeing yourself greater chances of success.
  • Take Action: Change can’t happen without you! When you start to take action on your plans, and according to your schedule (all of which can be tweaked whenever necessary), the Universe will conspire in your favor. Action, paired with belief, is what invites synchronicity, good fortune, Grace, and miracles into your experience.
  • Celebrate Yourself: Be sure to celebrate yourself for deciding to live from your soul’s essence. Rewarding yourself confirms your worth to your psyche, and affirms to the Universe that you are open and ready to receive! Celebrate knowing that you can live your life by design, and live more happily, abundantly, and peacefully as a result.

Wishing you peace, blessings, and prosperity <3