How To Work with Pyrite

How to work with Pyrite /

Pyrite is a powerful source of outgoing, yang, extroverted energy that attracts wealth, abundance, and boosts the power of your solar plexus chakra. Here’s some practical tips on how to work with it.

Wear it daily:

  • if you are empathic and want to work on empowerment issues and/or feeling vulnerable in any kind of situation, wear it as a pendant or carry it in your pocket
  • to create an armor for your solar plexus chakra which is one of your major power centers
  • to attract wealth, abundance and to create/ co create better business opportunities

Meditate with it:

  • to help boost your energy and bring in more vitality 
  • to help feel more ambitious and work harder
  • to help excel, achieve and be successful

Added tip:

  • place it on your work desk or wealth corner which is the far left right corner of the desk

Note: as pyrite has and aggressive energy quality that can be overwhelming, you can balance it's effects by wearing it with aquamarine

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