How To Work With Charoite

How to work with Charoite /

Charoite is a powerful healing crystal that supports the body’s ability to detox, purify, and heal. It is a stone of courage and psychic ability that helps us through times of fear and hardship. Here’s how to work with it:

Wear it daily:

  • to cope with stress, fear and hardship
  • or place it directly on the solar plexus or the third eye chakra to help you keep going when faced with struggles
  • to detoxify the body from chemical reactions in response to extreme emotions such as shock or joy
  • to detoxify the body on a physical level, especially the liver, kidneys through sweat and clears skin up

Meditate with it:

  • to not be as afraid of your full potential, i.e. not afraid of failure but afraid of your success
  • to step out of your comfort zone
  • place it over your third eye chakra to open up your psychic sight
  • to not be afraid of what you might see through your psychic sight
  • to experience the greater glory of who you are through your sixth sense

Sleep with it:

  • at night near your feet to bring toxins down from your feet

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