A One-Minute Crystal Ritual for Success

A One-Minute Crystal Ritual for Success / krista-mitchell.com

Hello loves!

Today’s post has been inspired by the recent first quarter moon in Sagittarius (which occurred Thursday Sept. 5th at 11:10pm ET).

Sagittarius is a fire sign that’s ruled by Jupiter, planet of good fortune, optimism, expansiveness, and abundance.

The first quarter moon signals a time of taking action, possibility, opportunity, and attraction. This is when you work towards achieving your goals and manifesting your intentions.

There’s ALL KINDS of manifestation, goal, and achievement teachings + techniques out there, but as a busy person I tend to stick to those that are simple, quick, yet proven to be highly effective.

And as a longtime crystal pro, I like to put my own spin on them.

This is one of my faves: a daily practice of writing down my goals while holding a manifestation crystal.

Depending on how many goals you’re presently working towards, this can take as little as one minute. But that’s one minute that can help align + attune your energy, focus, and subconscious towards achieving those goals. Which, for those of you who consciously work the law of attraction know, dramatically fine-tunes your manifestation abilities.

There is a saying that “Millionaires write their goals down once a day. Billionaires write their goals down TWICE a day.”

Now you may not be seeking out millionaire-hood. But maybe you’d like to lose 10lbs, or add 5 new clients to your weekly schedule, find that next great apartment to live in, meet “the one”, or hit that ambitious sales goal by the end of the month.

There’s another saying that “You’re never given a dream that you can’t achieve”. I believe in this saying 100%!

But I also know how often life gets in the way, or that many of us can face blocks or limiting beliefs from our psyche that, if allowed, can hold us back.

The genius of writing down your goals as a daily practice is that a) all you’re doing is writing down goals (it’s not as threatening to the ego), and b) unbeknownst to your ego, your subconscious, your energy field, AND the Universe are all taking this list of goals as a list of directives.

In committing to this daily practice, subtle (or not so subtle) shifts start to occur. You start to prioritize differently, or make different choices, or synchronicities and opportunities start popping up, or all of the above!

And those goals start to feel more real, possible, actualized. And if those goals aren’t what you truly, deeply desire on a soul-level, you start to feel it. You become more aware of who you are, your purpose, your true heart’s wishes, and the goals morph into what you really need and are meant to be or do in this lifetime.

Yep, all that from a daily 1-minute practice!


And here’s the juicy part: Adding certain manifestation crystals to the practice only increases, amplifies, and accelerates its effects.

Here’s a few crystal suggestions I can make. My practice is to hold one of these in my left hand (which is my receptive hand), tune in to its vibes, and then start writing with my right hand:


Black Morion Quartz


The assumption typically made with any black crystal is that it will be grounding + protective in its energies.

What’s interesting about black morion quartz is that it does have grounding vibes (more what I would refer to as embodiment), it also has powerful amplifying + manifestation energies.

This is a great crystal to work with when taking action towards goals.

Clear Quartz

clear quartz.jpeg

You can always work with clear quartz for any kind of intention, and its powers to amplify, magnify, and clarify are a natural fit for manifestation work.

The great thing about quartz is that it acts fast, AND, its like a laser beam to the subconscious. Great for when you’re seeking to pattern new ways of being into the psyche.

Yellow Apatite

Yellow apatite / krista-mitchell.com

Golden apatite is definitely more of a rare find, but worth it, especially for magical workers and people who are consciously activating their law of attraction vibes.

I say consciously b/c the law of attraction is always in operation, but for most people its functioning unconsciously (you can reference the work of Jerry and Esther Hicks to learn more).

Golden apatite is a cool crystal to work with for achieving goals because it activates the solar plexus chakra, our personal power center of ambition, will, and achievement.


ruby / krista-mitchell.com

While not commonly referenced as a manifestation crystal, per se, I was guided to include ruby because it’s excellent for helping people who have trouble staying grounded, committed, and purposeful when it comes to manifesting their purpose or succeeding in positive change.

Ruby is a crystal of self-leadership, passion, wealth, grounding, success, expansion, health, and dedication. It’s a wonderful crystal to work with for those of you who feel you need support in seeing things through.

I hope that was of service to you!

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