How To Work With Pink Kunzite

How to work with Pink Kunzite /

Pink Kunzite is a higher heart crystal full of joyful vibes, that fills the heart chakra with loving energy, helping it to heal, expand, and receive divine love. Here’s how to work with it.

Meditate with it:

  • to receive energy into the heart chakra and expand and heal the heart chakra
  • to receive divine love, let go of old wounds 
  • to raise your own vibration or frequency so you can be in a more expansive place of sharing 
  • to connect more with people and to be more generous 
  • to embody a greater sense of possibilities in your life 

Wear it daily: 

  • to feel more joy and happiness
  • more at ease within your skin
  • to feel more beautiful

Use it in crystal therapy:

  • by placing it just above your heart chakra while working on childhood trauma, childhood wounds
  • while working on a loss of sense of hope or faith
  • to connect to your own sense of uniqueness within the inter-connected collective 
pink kunzite /
pink kunzite /