My Date With The Mad Russian - How Owning Your Truth Gives You Power

My+Date+with+the+Mad+Russian /

Years ago my first spiritual teacher (Anjelika Kremer) sent me to see a guy called “The Mad Russian” (Yefim Shubentsov) in the Boston area. I went to see him in the hopes that he could help me lose weight (hey it’s rumored to have worked for Karl Lagerfeld!).

I remember being in this room full of about 25 people, and he stood in the middle of our circle and ranted and raved for three full hours about whatever, literally barking and growling at people if they disagreed with his views (he earned his moniker well). 

Then he went round the circle one by one and asked us if we had any pain. I’d injured my hand, and without touching me he took my pain away (seriously!). Then he worked with us privately one at a time for 5 minutes each to address our issues. And then it was out with our group and in with the next.

I was so pissed off a couple of weeks later when I stepped on the scale and had gained five pounds! I remember telling my teacher that I thought it was a rip-off and was going to ask for my money back, and she laughed at me.

She said to me: “Krista, I didn’t send you to him so that you could lose weight. I sent you to him so that you could see that there was no one way to be a healer. You don’t have to be a certain way, act a certain way, live a certain way, to be what you are and to do what you do”.  

That lesson has always stayed with me (and for the record, Yefim Shubentsov is said to have successfully helped thousands of people, so I’m casting no aspersions here!). My teacher looked like Lakshmi: She was beautiful, petite, exotic, always swathed in silky, flowing clothing. She didn’t eat meat, drink, swear, or stay out late on Friday nights. She had said to me once “I'd love to sit back and have a couple of beers, but I can't - I must always practice presence."

She was everything I wasn’t, and I idolized her. And she saw that, and knew it didn’t serve me. Enter The Mad Russian: Illusion-buster to the rescue!

It takes such courage to just be who you are, trust in your purpose and do the work you do, whatever it may be. It took me a long time to own my truth, to have faith in that what I have to offer is enough, and that as long as I'm engaged in my own process of healing, growing, learning, end evolving, I’m walking the sacred path.

Who you are isn’t enough - it’s perfect. Where you are is perfect and right where you need to be. There’s great power in authenticity because what you truly are is a divine expression. There are no mistakes, the Universe needs you, and needs you to be YOU. When you can own this, your power is unlimited and inviolable. 

Right now we’re in a short phase of highly transformative, potent, fertile energy. This is a great time to get clear on who you are, what you want, and where you want to be headed. TRULY. AUTHENTICALLY. When you’re fully owning your truth, it puts you in alignment with your soul, which then puts you in alignment with the Universe. Win-win-win.

Any good thing can happen with those odds, which is why they’re my favorite ;) . Work these odds especially up to our next full moon, and set yourself up for a few miracles.