How To Work With Chrysanthemum Stone

How to work with Chrysanthemum Stone /

Chrysanthemum stone is a clay-based stone that helps attract good fortune, wealth, increase your ability for manifestation, and help you shift into a positive mood. Here’s some practical tips on how to work with it.

Meditate with it: 

  • for good luck, good fortune, wealth and manifestation 
  • for mellow, soft grounding energy which can also directly put you in a positive mood
  • to bring forth prosperity consciousness
  • when you are trying to feel positive in general and/or trying to feel positive about how your good fortune and luck has been running
  • healing your financial situation and your relationship to your finances

Wear it daily:

  • in a pendant form or protect in a cloth pouch as the stone is a bit more fragile compared to other crystals
  • to put yourself in a more easy going, higher vibrational frequency and for manifesting positive law of attraction
  • as it is very healing for people who want to be more loving and positive towards their bodies and be able to take better care of their bodies
  • make a tonic with this stone for daily positivity as suggested in my book or check out this article:

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Chrysanthemum stones /
Chrysanthemum stone /