Crystal Layout for Soul Searching

crystal layout for soul searching /

When I was first developing my crystal healing system I experimented on myself 24/7. Wearing crystals, sleeping with crystals, meditating with crystals, putting crystals in my water -- the combinations were endless, and I took notes every day.

What I’d most look forward to were my daily crystal healing layouts: designing and placing a crystal matrix on my body for specific energy therapy purposes. I’d lie down and then put crystals on each of my seven main chakras, in my hands, and also at my feet. I’d diffuse some essential oil, play gentle music, relax, and let all that juicy crystal energy flow through my body.

Crystal combinations and layouts have always been my thing: you can combine different crystal energies to effect a whole result, rather like mixing a bunch of different herbs together to make a healing tonic.

I’ve designed all kinds of layouts in my time: psychic activation, spiritual awakening, emotional recovery from trauma, memory enhancement, weight loss, prosperity consciousness, self-confidence, anxiety + stress release, etc. You name it, I’ve probably addressed it with crystals.

The layout I’ve designed below can help you to connect to your soul-level guidance. This is particularly beneficial for when you have a big life decision to make, are questioning your purpose or path in life, need clear, intuitive guidance, or when you feel ready to co-create a life of joy, authenticity, abundance, and health, and are seeking solid direction.

It’s been my experience that our souls are not here to waste time or lead us astray. They are divinely designed to always guide us to our highest good. When we tune into our soul’s guidance, and honor what comes through, it’s the only real guarantee we have that we’re making the right decision for ourselves.

Place the following layout on your body, starting at the root chakra and working upward, and then relax for 30-40 minutes:

  • Root: nuumite (self-mastery) + elestial quartz (grounding + connection to Spirit)
  • Sacral: fire opal (empowerment + spiritual passion)
  • Solar plexus: citrine (joy)
  • Heart: seraphinite (angelic love + courage)
  • Throat: aquamarine (to hear + honor your truth)
  • 3rd eye: sugilite or moldavite (heightened psychic awareness + healing + transformation)
  • Crown: selenite (purity) + moonstone (gentle insight)

You can email me if you have questions about working with this layout, or if you want to know more about my upcoming online Pro Crystal Healer Certification Course (CCH)

For more crystal healing layouts check out my book “Change Your Energy: Healing Crystals for Health, Wealth, Love & Luck”