Crystals for Life Purpose

Crystals for Life Purpose /

"What crystals can help you when trying to figure out your purpose or what you want to be when you 'grow up'?"

This is a popular question and there are many different ways to approach this work.

Purpose can be confusing sometimes because many people can assume that it's vocation-oriented, or that it's some great calling or legacy to be left.

It certainly can be all of those things!

But I often found when giving Akashic Record readings (a service I no longer offer) that sometimes a person’s life purpose has more to do with what they're meant to learn or heal in this lifetime.

Our soul's journey through evolution is long, and its agenda can vary from our personal agendas in any given lifetime.

In this lifetime, for example, one of my key purposes is empowerment and healing my tendency to give my power away to people I perceive as dominant or superior to me in some way. This has been a recurring theme for me since childhood, and I’ve noticed that the more I heal this wound and re-empower myself, the more domineering people and toxic relationships have left my life. For good!

However, I’ve also been able to carve out a career for myself that’s deeply fulfilling, magical, and of service to others. When most people ask me about life purpose with respect to vocation, it’s because they’ve yet to find work that helps them to feel the same way I do about mine.

I get it! We spend a LOT of our time and lives at work!

It could be that the dream job is out there. It could also be that there’s a job or career path that’s more suited to your needs as you pursue your purpose outside of earning a living (like healing ancestral family lines, charitable work, lobbying for positive change, deep spiritual transformation and discovery, defending the underserved or voiceless).

Stay open and curious as you embark on the crystal healing journey below. Remember that it’s not what the mind thinks is best that will make you happiest, but what’s most truthful to your heart. Let go of expectations and embrace possibility!

Here's a few crystal approaches you can take in this self-discovery (or ‘soul-discovery’) process:

apophyllite /


Sleep with apophyllite under your pillow each night, and say a short prayer or affirmation before sleep, asking for guidance. Apophyllite connects you with the wisdom of your higher self.

rhodonite /


Wear rubellite, eudialyte, or rhodonite daily. These crystals help keep you grounded in your heart-center, and help guide you along the path of your true heart's desires and purpose.

celestite /


Meditate with celestite. Celestite opens you to your spiritual path and deepens your connection to your soul's wisdom.

moldavite /


If you're ready for soul-level transformation and following the path of your purpose (even if it's not fully revealed to you just yet), wear moldavite. Know that change will happen, be cautious of inner resistance.