My Fave Fall Crystal Combos!

My Fave Fall Crystal Combos! /

I love autumn! The crisp, cool breeze feels invigorating after long, hot, summer days.

The trees put on their show of colors (interesting fact: I read that the autumn colors of leaves are their natural color being revealed as the chlorophyll fades).

And the days grow shorter and cooler, prompting a return to wearing warm, snuggly clothing, and supping on comfort foods.

As the seasons and the planetary energy shifts, and we approach the autumnal equinox, our energy needs shift, too.

Our relationship to the land, its rhythms and cycles, is still of primal importance to us, even if many are now living modern, urban lifestyles.

The experiences, feeling, and patterns of our ancestors still reside in our DNA, genetically passed down through the generations.

The fall equinox is a full-fledged harvest festival, when thanks is given for the abundance of Mother Earth.

We celebrate the fruition of the seeds we’ve sown: the bounty we’ve gathered from the earth, as well as the bounty of our achievements.

The modern day spiritual spin on the meaning and significance of the autumnal equinox focuses on balancing the light and dark forces within us (our radiance vs. our shadow selves), but in days of old it marked the decline of the power and vitality of the sun, and the inevitable death of its associated gods.

The Goddess becomes the Crone, and is venerated for her age and wisdom.

We’re reminded that there is a cycle and time for all things, and that all things and phases in our lives have value.

It’s important to remember this in times of turbulence and fear: Life goes on. Death happens. Rebirth is inevitable. This was understood by our ancestors, but we’re in an age of disconnect — or at least it seems that way. I often wonder if we’re more in a space between death and rebirth, where old things are falling away, and there’s a birth of new consciousness happening.

But it’s still all part of the cycle.

Autumnal Crystal Therapy

In the northern hemisphere we’re entering into a time of introspection, drawing within, preparing for the winter times. As the darkness increases, we rely more on our other senses: smell, touch, sound, and those that are tuned to non-ordinary reality. Psychic sight and intuitive powers increase through this season.

Physically, there’s a lot to adjust to: the weather’s cooler, there’s less daylight, the final pollen season hits with a vengeance, and the stress of change and time passing can be felt physically and emotionally. Our systems become vulnerable as we adjust and adapt — flus and colds abound.

Our bodies need support at this time of year, but so do our feeling bodies, as we register what’s going on in our lives along with the subconscious remembrances from our ancestors.

In crystal medicine or therapy (I refer to it as such because “crystal healing” has become such a widespread, umbrella term, whereas my scope of work is more specific), there are crystal combinations that I typically recommend at this time of year to provide holistic energy support.

The following crystal combinations help to address many of our needs, both physically and emotionally at this time of year.

All crystals below are listed clockwise from top left in each photo. You can wear one or more of these combos on a daily basis based on your needs. Try switching them up: maybe vitality for morning, immune support for the commute home, gratitude while at prayer, etc.


Gratitude combo /

Rhodonite - strengthening/expansion of heart chakra

Citrine - joy

Green aventurine - receptivity, gratitude

Septarian - humility, honesty, gratitude

Immune Support

Immune support combo /

Red jasper - fortitude, stamina

Citrine - immune boosting, energy

Green calcite - helps keep the respiratory system strong and clear

Orange calcite - restorative chi


Vitality combo /

Tiger iron - strength, endurance

Ruby - wellness, vitality, empowers the root chakra

Shiva lingam - boosts vitality + healthy flow of chi

Citrine - energy, vitality, positivity



Adaptogenic combo /

Honey calcite - adaptability to change

Mookaite jasper - grounding in rhythms and cycles

Prehnite - inner peace, sense of overall wellness

Smoky quartz - clears lower, harmful energy from the system, relieves stress


Comfort combo /

Rose quartz - nurturing, loving energy, boosts feelings of self-worth

Mangano calcite - acceptance, gentleness

Thulite - compassion, love

Chrysoprase - feeling secure within the self


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