How To Work With Staurolite

How to work with Staurolite /

Staurolite is stone of magic that dramatically heightens your psychic abilities, helps you to see through the veils into other realms, connect with mystical beings, spirits, elementals and the dead, and protects you while doing astral travel and spirit journey work. Here’s how to work with it:

Wear it or hold it:

  • to help you see through the veils such as those of the realm of the dead, elementals or fae
  • to increase your psychic sight and see better either with direct vision or in your mind's eye
  • for grounding and a protective shield while doing journey work, astral travel, or any other magical work
  • while doing channeling work and talking to passed-on loved ones or getting information from the spirits of your space or the spirits of the land

Meditate with it:

  • while trying to connect with the Crone, the goddess of age, wisdom, magical arts and protection
  • to receive guidance from your ancestors or ancient elders
  • to receive healing guidance

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