How To Work With Infinite

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Infinite is a powerful stone that helps to clear and rebalance the aura, reboot your energy, and connect you with nature spirits. Here’s how to work with it:

Wear it daily:

  • to restore and heal your aura after a serious illness, substance abuse, or psychic attack
  • to replenish and revitalize your energy

Meditate with it:

  • to help ground and stabilize your energy
  • to enhance your psychic abilities, especially clairvoyance
  • to strengthen your connection to nature spirits and nature intelligence
  • to raise your frequency (increase your vibration)

Sleep with it:

  • at the top of your head, or under your pillow to repair and strengthen your aura
  • over your heart or solar plexus chakra for healing and protection
  • to replenish and revitalize your energy overnight

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