Are Faeries Real? Why We Need Magic in Our Lives

faeries and magic in our lives /

It may surprise some people to hear that my decision to teach people a little bit about the fae and faery magic in an upcoming workshop is controversial. In some spiritual circles it’s considered whimsical nonsense, and in others, dangerous folly. I’ve had some interesting messages lately on social media either warning me off the topic, or questioning my motivation in sharing about it altogether.

Though I don’t speak of it often, I admit I had a rather sad, sometimes violent and scary childhood. And lonely. I was a creative child with a vivid imagination, wide open 3rd eye chakra, and a need to escape from my everyday reality.

Books, myth, forays into nature, and magical beings became that escape. How much of what I experienced was real or imagined? I cannot say. I still get chills when people speak of mystical experiences or journeys they’ve had, things they’ve seen, and I recognize them in memories from my own youth.

Those journeys and experiences not only sustained me as a child, they supported me in becoming the woman I am today and in answering my calling.

My childhood fascination with faery led to an adult fascination with crystals, energy healing, and spirituality. I was able to look beyond the norm to find solutions to my problems, to embody greater levels of hope, insight, and joy, and to then have the courage to share them with others.

I know I’ve said this before, but I really believe we need magic. Now more than ever.

We need to be able to perceive possibilities beyond our current limitations. We need to be able to access, engage, and embody our own incredible inner power. And we need to be able to connect with the energy of the natural world around us, in whatever form, to be able to harmoniously co-exist on this planet again.

Magic means many things to me: it could be astrology, tarot, mediumship, shamanism, herbalism, occultism, visualization work, you name it. It’s that something more that we all looked for, found, and became more alive from as a result.

So back to my decision to share about the fae: yes, I do believe they are real, I have encountered them in many forms, many times. Yes, some of them can be tricksy: there’s a reason folk have warded their homes and livestock against them for generations. And yes, their essence and energy is around you, even as I type.

This Wednesday what I will be teaching will definitely be magical, but for some it may also be a gentle healing of the relationship between themselves and the nature spirits around them (yes, even in cities).

A tuning in to their energy, their frequencies, and an opportunity to invite their benevolence. An opportunity to reawaken to more of the magic around you, as well as within you. 

Bring on Beltane and the Magic Month of May!