How To Charge Quartz With Your Intention

How to Charge Quartz with your Intention /

In my "How To Work With Quartz" video & article, I mention that you have to be careful with quartz because it amplifies & magnifies everything -- the good, the bad, and the ugly. At the same time, quartz can be charged or charmed (what many people refer to as "programming") to work according to a specific intention, or to channel any kind of energy you wish. 

Here's how to do it:

Make sure your quartz has been cleared of residual energy, and recharged, so that its energy is high and pure. You can use any regular quartz formation, tumbled, rough or pointed.

  1. Get clear on your intention or the energy you want your quartz to channel. It could be something you want to attract, manifest, repel, release, or it could also be a specific energy like grounding, healing, revitalizing, or soothing. Whatever serves your purpose.
  2. Hold it in your receptive (non-dominant) hand and tune in to its energy. Visualize your intention and allow the quartz energy to flow in and amplify the power of your intention.
  3. Now shift your quartz to your dominant hand and visualize your intention again, this time connecting with it emotionally and fueling it with your desire. Now send the energy of your intention into your quartz by imagining it flowing down through your hand and into the quartz.
  4. To complete the charm, hold your quartz up to your third eye, and ask that it only channel energy towards that intention, or be of service to that energy, etc. Whichever wording feels most explicit and comfortable to you. This will seal in the charm.

Work with your quartz according to your needs. Remember that when you next clear it's energy it will lose the charge of your intention, so you'll need to re-charm it.

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