Solar Eclipse Smoky Quartz Ritual

Solar Eclipse Smoky Quartz Ritual /

August has been an intense month of shifting energies. In the world we’ve seen more chaos, violence, clashes, and added strife as everyone and everything gets shaken up, stood on its head, and brought up to the surface.

On an individual level, to put it plainly, you have a choice: you can either rock these energies, or you can let them rock YOU. The former is an opportunity to grow, heal, and move forward with greater power and clarity for our higher purpose. 

The best part about tomorrow's eclipse is that we're being asked to do this from a place in our hearts that is joyful, playful, and full of promise for the future.

Who's ready for that?

August’s new moon in Leo (2:30pm ET) + solar eclipse (2:25pm ET) happens on Monday the 21st.

The common themes of this cosmic event are:

  • Getting real about your life and retooling, rethinking or releasing what no longer serves you
  • Soul evolution and shifting paradigms to lead a higher vibe life
  • Creative self-expression
  • Getting ready to make a quantum leap forward in our life path & purpose
  • Committing to what brings us joy, playfulness, and what’s in alignment with our heart and childhood selves

I’ve created a this releasing ritual below using a piece of smoky quartz.

This will help you to release what no longer serves you more deeply, and create space for the positive shift and new energy downloads that will take place within 48 hours after the eclipse.

If you’ve been feeling a lot of this eclipse season emotionally, this ritual should help to bring you some relief, and clear some of that energy, anxiety, upset, etc. from your system.

The Ritual

Timing: It is recommended that you do this ritual prior to the sun going into full eclipse (Monday Aug. 21st at 2:25pm ET), but you can also do this during the waning phase of the moon, preferably on a Saturday or Monday.

Materials: a piece of smoky quartz crystal (make sure you clear its energy first!), pot of fresh soil (optional).

Note: People are always asking me where they can buy crystals. I do not sell crystals, but you can try at a metaphysical shop near you, or online on Ebay, Etsy, or at, to name a few (these are not affiliate links).


  1. Hold the smoky quartz in your receptive (non-dominant) hand, and tune in with its energy.
  2. Let it’s soothing, grounding vibe flow through you for 2-3 minutes, then shift it to your dominant hand.
  3. Begin to deepen your breathing, and let everything you’ve been feeling or that you’re ready to let go, fill your awareness: the darkness, frustration, fear, anger, anxiety, resentment, despair, negative thoughts, pain, tension, behaviors you want to change, toxic relationships you want to free yourself from, etc.
  4. Now hold your smoky quartz up to your mouth, and using your exhalations, gently breathe it all into your smoky quartz. Breathe, breathe, breathe, until you feel you’ve emptied it all out and into the crystal.
    You may notice that your crystal is feeling heavier than it did before.
  5. Kiss your smoky quartz, sealing in the energy, and thank it for carrying these burdens for you.
  6. Bury your crystal in earth (a pot of fresh soil or in your garden works best), and leave it there for a full lunar phase (or 28 days). The earth will ground and transmute the energy, and clear/recharge your crystal so that you can use it again.

✨Blessings be✨