How To Work With Crystals: Emerald

How to work with emerald /

Emerald is a powerful heart crystal that awakens the divine heart in all of us, allowing greater frequencies of divine love to come in.

Wear emerald on a regular basis when:

  • You're ready to lead a heart-centered life
  • You want to make more loving choices
  • You want to genuinely experience more gratitude and express greater appreciation for life and all things
  • You are practicing or living according to ahimsa (kindness to all, doing no harm to any living creature)
  • You're working on gentle forgiveness, either for yourself or for someone else

Meditate with emerald when:

  • You're healing poverty or lack mentality and seeking to connect with a greater sense of abundance
  • To connect with the essence of wealth and abundance that is from Source or the natural world
  • Working on self-love, worth, and appreciation

In crystal therapy:

  • Place it over the chest or heart chakra to help accelerate healing from respiratory illnesses
Emerald palmstone /