Crystals For Psychic Children

Crystals for psychic children /

Recently a celtic shaman I work with asked me for crystal suggestions for her daughter, a highly clairvoyant, sensitive child who's going through her "terrible two's". As mainstream fascination with crystal energy grows, I've noticed more and more meme's and blog posts recommending crystals for sensitive, psychic, and Indigo children.

Here's the thing: In all my long years of working with crystals, I have yet to meet a child who didn't have a natural affinity for crystals. I had a crystal table in a street fair once, and even babes in their mother's arms would reach out towards my table, feeling drawn towards the crystal energy.

The energy of children is typically pure; they're far closer to their souls and their own true nature than adults. As such, their ability to sense crystal energy and it's effects on their system is largely undiluted. They LOVE crystals, and from what I've observed, they really don't need our help with them. At all.

My advice to my Shaman friend?

"If your child's psychic, she can pick her own crystals. Take her to a crystal shop, and let her select what she feels drawn to; she'll choose exactly what she needs."

Folks, this is one area of crystal healing where I definitely think the simpler you keep things, the better. Your child could likely teach YOU more about crystals than the other way around.

However, I did suggest a few questions my friend could ask her daughter, to help her little girl build her own healing crystal collection, and I'm passing those questions on to you.

You can use the following questions (or make up your own) to help your child build their own healing crystal kit:

  • Which crystal makes you feel happy?
  • Which crystal would you choose if you felt afraid? If you needed to feel safe?
  • Pick out a crystal that you think would help you feel calm when you're angry
  • Find a crystal that you think would help you if you felt nervous
  • Which crystal feels like a super-healing crystal to you?
  • Find a crystal that makes you feel special
  • Pick a crystal that makes you feel like a warrior
  • What's your favorite crystal?

And so on, these are just a few suggestions. 

Important note: PLEASE DON'T CENSOR, CRITICIZE, OR CIRCUMVENT YOUR CHILD'S CHOICE! Trust in their own natural affinity and inner magic, as what they choose may surprise you. Their choices will also likely change as they grow. And please never force a type of crystal on a child, you could be doing more harm than good. If they don't like it, it's not for them (this is also true for plants & animals).

You can remind them to go grab their "special crystal", or "calming crystal", or "angry crystal" whenever you feel they need it. Of course it's incredibly important that young children only have crystals under adult supervision. Crystals can be swallowed, thrown, break and be sharp, etc.

And that's really about it! There have definitely been times when I've made crystal recommendations for psychic children who are being affected by dark dreams, spirits, or visions, and also for children coping with bullying. But I've learned that it's far more healing and empowering for a child to make their own choice, and to learn to trust their special abilities and inner guidance. 

And if you're a parent who knows how to nurture that, and create a safe environment for your child to flourish as they ARE, then my hat's off to you. The world needs more of you. 

Blessings to you and your crystal-loving family!

Krista N. Mitchell