Spiritual Self-Care Essentials: How to Clear Your Aura

How to Clear Your Aura / krista-mitchell.com

Knowing how to shield your energy is essential if you want to avoid taking on other peoples’ energy, and/or to protect yourself from psychic attack. Mastering energy protection work and keeping it consistent has had a positive impact on every part of my life, but I’ve learned that in order for it to be truly effective, I have to clear my aura first before I shield it.

An aura full of psychic debris (the energy patterns or particles of thoughts, feelings, pathogens, and/or lower vibrations), psychic cords (unhealthy energy connections formed between yourself and another person, place or thing), stagnant, dark, or heavy energy will weaken your auric and energy defenses from the inside out.

Your shielding work, which is meant to protect you from taking all of that on in the first place, will prove far less effective and not last as long if your aura isn’t clear.

For anyone who is sensitive to energy, who is an empath or an energy healer, clearing your energy on a daily basis (yes I said daily!) is an essential part of your self-care routine.

It’s hard to feel like a healthy, balanced, happy and energetic person if you’re constantly covered in other peoples’ crap. And if you’re someone who isn’t necessarily sensitive but is pursuing spiritual studies or a spiritual path, clearing your aura on at least a weekly basis will help keep your divine and intuitive connections clear.

I imagine that like me, you’re a busy person with a lot to do in a day, and so the idea of adding one more thing to your list can feel onerous! In the past self-care was a challenge for me; in typical healer fashion I put everything and everybody else first.

I have learned the hard way (my usual way, sigh) that everything suffers when I don’t put my self-care first – business, health, energy level, happiness, you name it. As a dear friend and coach recently said to me “There is no empowerment without self-care”. Word!

Thankfully energy clearing does not have to be a long, involved process. A few quick swishes of burning sage can often do the trick. And when you have the time, a luxurious salt bath can go the extra mile by delivering a deep, thorough aura clearing.

Here is my list of top 5 ways to clear your aura, starting with the quickest, and ending with the more time-consuming but perhaps more enjoyable techniques:

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Selenite Stick

Selenite is a crystal that is usually found in tabular formations. It has long striations through it that function similarly to fiber optic cable running pure white divine light. Unlike quartz with its laser-like focus of energy, selenite emanates purifying energy in a vapor-like way, dissolving whatever lower-frequency energy it comes in contact with (including psychic cords!). Start with the stick over your head, and then pass it down through all four sides of your aura and then under your feet. Watch my YouTube video on “How to Use a Selenite Stick” for a visual on how to do this.

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Smudging refers to lighting up sacred plant matter, like sage or palo santo sticks, and wafting the smoke over your aura or through a space to clear energy. Throughout history this technique has been used by shamans in healing ceremonies, and is employed by a diverse number of healers and mystics in their healing and spiritual work. Light your smudge stick then blow the flame out so that the stick smokes. Waft the smoke over all four sides of your aura, over your head, under your arms and feet. You can then snub it out or douse it under water to stop it from smoking and to keep it for the next time.

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You can buy or make your own spray to clear your aura. It can be as simple as mixing a tablespoon of sea salt per cup of warm water, stirring and then pouring it into a spray bottle. You can also experiment with a mixture of different essential oils (sage, rosemary, mint, clove, lemon or palo santo are good choices) with some witch hazel and water – try my recipe for an aura clearing/shielding spray if this appeals. Shake the spray bottle, then mist the spray lightly over your head and all four sides of your aura, and then under your feet.

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Salt Baths

While I rely on one of the first three techniques on a daily basis, I like to bathe in salt water or use a baking soda scrub in the shower at least once or twice a week for a more thorough aura clearing process.

There are two important things to remember when taking a salt bath: One, you need to use sufficient salt. The water should taste salty to you before getting into the tub. The second thing is to make sure that you fully submerge yourself at least seven times so that you’re covering all of your chakras from head to toe. Take a quick shower after to rinse off the salt.

Here’s a bath recipe that includes crystals + essential oils for empaths (you can find more recipes in my book).
With the baking soda it’s also important that you spread it from head to toe. You can use plain old baking soda from the box or you can make a scrub and your own shampoo with my recipes for a more luxurious experience.


Exercise + Sweat

Finally, vigorous movement that works up a sweat for at least 30 minutes, like running, dancing, or hot/power yoga, does wonders for clearing the aura. You can also spend a little time in a sauna, or at a sweat lodge. Very important thing to note: If you’re at a gym or in a yoga studio sweating off auric debris, so is everyone else in the class. This means there is the potential to pick up someone else’s debris while you’re letting go of your own. I found I could never happily exercise at a gym for this reason.

If you can’t workout privately on your own, I recommend using one of the previous techniques listed here afterwards just to be sure that you’re in the clear.

Again, clearing your aura is an essential part of your self-care, but if you’re sensitive, empathic, or a healer, it’s really only the first step. The next is shielding your aura so that you take on less debris in the first place!

Need to learn how to shield and protect your energy better? Check out my 4-hour video course "Psychic Shield: Energy Protection for Healers & Empaths"