You Are a God/dess: A Mini Equinox Ritual

God/dess equinox ritual /

Happy first day of Spring!

In our modern mystical age, many people tend to focus on the theme of balance when it comes to the equinox (which is today, March 20th!).

This is understandable, given that balance in one form or another is something that so many of us are trying to maintain and/or achieve. For years my healing work came first to the detriment of my own personal life and happiness. I was so passionately absorbed in what I was doing, what I was creating and wanting to achieve, that I gave very little thought to my own care and dreams. They were sadly sidelined.

Now that I'm coming at things from a fresher perspective, creating more balance between my professional and personal life has become a practice. I say a practice, not a perfect! What has helped me isn't so much the commitment to maintaining balance as it is giving myself more things to look forward to that bring me joy. 

Balance in and of itself doesn't mean much, and I don't know how much it meant to the ancient peoples who gathered in celebration on this magical day.

We humans haven't changed, we're still more or less motivated by pleasure or pain. What has helped me to create more balance has ultimately been a process of discovery and indulgence in moments of personal pleasure. Cultivating a greater sense of who I am, what makes me happy, and fleshing out areas of my life that needed more fulfillment.

Within the context of the old days and old ways, the equinox was a celebration of the return of spring, and of all the good things people were hoping for in their lives. An abundant crop, a healthy flock, the prosperous growth and safety of the tribe, marriage, babies, feasting and fun.

People were at the mercy of the elements and the whims of the gods, and so they paid tribute and sought blessings accordingly. It was a time that, through celebration, prayer, offerings, and folklore magic, people sought to secure the good energy and promise of the season.

If you're seeking to establish more balance between things, look for the blessings, pleasures and rewards, and make them into an offering for yourself as the embodiment of the goddess or a god.

Invite in the fresh energy and promise of the season, for I think you might agree that we are just as susceptible to our own whims and inner elements as we are to those of nature!

The ritual

You will need: 

  • set up a small altar space or table and place
  • a picture of yourself or a small doll/statue that represents you in the middle
  • offerings of crystals, flowers, feathers, food, fruit, wine, milk, spring water, and/or honey surrounding your picture
  • a white candle behind your picture (a tealight is fine)
  • your favorite music
  • 3 strips of paper
  • a pen in your favorite color ink
  • a simple, comfortable outfit that still makes you feel gorgeous
  • sage or palo santo stick
  • your favorite scented candle or stick of incense.


  1. Light your sage or palo santo stick and give a quick smudge to the room in which you'll be setting up your altar.
  2. Put on your favorite music and set up your altar but do not light the candle or the incense yet.
  3. Take a bath or shower so that you feel cleansed and refreshed, and then put on your chosen outfit.
  4. Come to your altar space and hold your candle in between both hands, infusing it with your energy. Light the candle and say:

    "I light this candle in honor of me, in honor of my dreams and wishes, in honor of my beautiful heart and soul. 
    As I flourish, from a place of joy, love, and abundance, so does the world."
  5. Light your incense or scented candle and say:

    "I honor the arrival of Spring, and invite her freshness, sweetness, and hope into my life.
    As this scent fills my space, so does the benevolence of her blessings fill my heart and life."
  6. Close your eyes, and envision three blessings you'd like to make to yourself as an offering. They could be actions of greater self-care, something you've been denying but that your heart truly wants, a dream you'd like to pursue, a window box full of flowers, etc. Allow yourself to be imaginative, loving, and bold in your choices, just be sure that these are things you can actually give to yourself.
  7. Write each one down on a strip of paper, bless it with a kiss, fold it towards you, and then place it under the candle. Then say:

    "As this candle burns, I make these offerings to myself, in honor of myself. I pledge to be true to my heart and soul. I open to receive the blessings of spring and my divinely rightful abundance from the Universe. And so it is."
  8. Let the candle burn down completely as you dance around to your music, drink your libation, and eat of your offerings. When the candle has burned completely, keep your pledges in a sacred place, and leave out a small portion of food as an offering to the nature spirits.

Blessed be!