How to Clear + Heal Your Aura

how to clear heal aura /

Our auras are our first line of defense against lower, harmful energy, and psychic or subtle pathogens like stress, negativity, peoples' feelings and intentions, as well as environmental pollutants and psychic attack.

The aura also helps us to preserve and support all four levels of our health: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

When your auras is weak, damaged or covered in negative energy (what is often referred to as "psychic debris" in the healing community) you're more likely to get sick, feel fatigued, irritable, brain foggy, have dark or disturbing dreams, and feel hyper-sensitive to other peoples' energy. You're also more vulnerable to psychic attack and parasitic spirit attachments (yikes!).

Fortunately, there are some quick, practical, and effective things you can do daily to take care of your aura and keep it strong. 

Easy Ways to Clear Your Aura

selenite stick /

Move a selenite stick over your aura, starting at the top of your head, and moving slowly down all four sides of your body, and under your feet. Selenite dissolves lower and harmful energy, as well as parasitic attachments like psychic cords.

palo santo /

Pass sacred smoke through your aura like palo santo, sage, or a sacred resin (ie: frankincense, copal, myrrh). Special note: incense will not work unless its made from natural ingredients, and plants that have purifying properties.

aura scrub /

Use a baking soda or salt scrub in the shower, or take salt baths on a regular basis.

You can also go for a swim in the ocean! The salt in the water purifies energy.

Aura Healing Techniques

spirit quartz /

Wear, sleep or meditate while holding spirit quartz (pictured), infinite, healer's gold, aragonite star cluster, or tourmalined quartz daily. Any one of those crystals will repair damage, heal, and strengthen the aura.

earthing /

Try earthing! Stand barefoot on the ground (not cement, asphalt or flooring) and let the Earth's chi flow up through your feet, into your body and aura. It has a healing, revitalizing, and stabilizing effect on our energy.

aura healing spray /

Use a healing and clearing aura spray, made from pure essential oils and crystals with healing and protective properties. Spritz it around your aura and under your feet. You can also use a rose or yarrow hydrosol. 

These practices become beneficial when they're done consistently and with intention. Choose one way of clearing (best done at the end of your day), one way of healing and strengthening (best done at the start of your day), and then create your daily aura health routine. After a few days you should start to really feel the difference in terms of great your energy feels all day!