A Simple Crystal Healing for Springtime Sickies

crystal healing for springtime sickies / krista-mitchell.com

I admit it – I have thoroughly succumbed to the worst head cold I’ve had in ages. It’s knocked me on my butt for several days now. Usually I’m a warrior when it comes to my health: the mere second I detect a sniffle, or a tickle in my throat, I’m launching a full-on assault with every immune-boosting herb and crystal known to man.

This may sound like a rather dramatic response, but when you’re running your own business and head of your own motley little household, there’s no sick days! You either suck it up and suffer (which is not my style) or you decry “Begone!” like a triumphant Queen Boadicea to the Roman forces (definitely my style!).

This time, though, I’ve waived the white flag and surrendered. Why such an about-face? Because I’m exhausted, and this is my body (and spirit’s) way of telling me I need to rest. There’s a divine intelligence at work in the ebb and flow of all things. The land must be fallow to have fertile times, and in our over-stimulated, over-busy, and sometimes overwhelmed world, illness is sadly becoming a silent refuge.

It’s a gentle reminder to me to listen to my body: I taught a big two-part class, “Psychic Shield” at the start of the month (yay!), put tons of work into making my “Past Life Journey Through the Akashic Records” package excellent (love!), and then had to prepare and file my taxes (ugh!). I think I deserve a rest, frankly! And so I’m going to give myself the love and care I need.

If you’re feeling drained and sickie, here’s a simple yet effective crystal self-healing session to help gently replenish your energy, soothe symptoms, and support your body’s natural healing process:

You'll need these crystals for the following chakras:

Springtime Sickies crystals / krista-mitchell.com

Root chakra – red calcite, red jasper, jet (detoxifying, replenishing, re-fortifying)

Sacral chakra – orange calcite, bloodstone (cleansing, immune-boosting, healing)

Solar plexus chakra – citrine, yellow jasper (energy + immune boosting, recovery support)

Heart chakra – green calcite, green aventurine (immune boosting, congestion-clearing, increase flow of healthy chi)

Throat chakra – blue calcite (soothing, congestion-clearing)

3rd eye chakra – azurite or blue kyanite (soothing, congestion-clearing)

Crown chakra – celestite (headache relief, soothing, accelerated healing)

Check out this handy chakra diagram if you need help with placements.


  1. Collect your crystals, making sure that they are all cleared first (you can watch my video on ways to clear your crystals). Dim the lights, have a blanket handy in case you get cold, and turn off all distractions.
  2. Lay down and place your crystals by your side. Start with the root chakra crystals and place them on your body one at a time, working your way up through the chakras. You can look at the handy diagram below for relative chakra placements on the body (don’t stress too much about exact placements, go by the feel of it).
  3. Relax and let the energy flow for 45 minutes.
  4. Remove the crystals starting at the crown and working your way down (this helps to keep you grounded).
  5. Drink some water, eat something light, and let the energy process. It’s wise to avoid strenuous exercise, processed foods, alcohol, or medications (unless necessary or prescribed) for a minimum of one hour after a crystal healing.
  6. It’s always good practice to clear your crystals after using them, so that they’re ready for you the next time you need them.

Most people should feel an improvement of symptoms within 24-48 hours after the energy healing.

If you want to learn more about crystal healing check out my Pro Crystal Healer online certification course enrolling soon!