Scorpio Full Moon Crystals

Scorpio full moon crystals /

Magic alert!

We're entering one of the most potent times of year, and we've got a deep, dark and delicious full moon ushering us in.

Tonight's Scorpio full moon at 8:58pm ET initiates a phase of transformation, karmic healing, sexuality, and intense emotion.

And then on May 1st we have Beltane, blessed spring festival where fertility, sensuality and the magic of the earthly plane (and of nature spirits and the fae!), are celebrated with fires, feasting and fun!

This is definitely a time of embodiment, feeling, pleasure, growth, and while it's a sexy time, the healing we can experience comes from letting go of old, seductive patterns, people and choices that no longer serves us.

Do you enjoy your life? And even so, are there ways that you could be enjoying it more fully? What's blocking you from experiencing more pleasure in your life?

These are questions you can be contemplating now, and planting seeds for change.

That can definitely bring up some deep, dark feelings; things you haven't been facing; truths you have to acknowledge.

We tend to avoid that stuff, don't we? And if your life is very busy, like mine, it can be easy to do.

At the same time, I've learned that you can bury a lot of light in your dark places. I've learned you can also have a lot of fun in the dark ;)

This is a phase where you can work the cosmic energies to your full benefit, and start creating more pleasure, majesty and magic in your life.

It is a time when the spiritual can meet the physical on the same plane, as the veils of reality thin and possibilities open.

The qualities of Scorpio + Planetary Influences

  • Scorpio: power, creation, authenticity, magic, manifestation, intimacy, determination, seduction, death/rebirth, heightened sensitivity
  • Taurus sun: embodiment, sensuality, abundance, grounding, manifestation, taking your time
  • Mars: action, drive, physicality
  • Pluto: transformation, death, rebirth
  • Saturn: soul growth, depth, commitment to purpose

Scorpio Full Moon Themes/Energies:

  • alchemy
  • transformation
  • karmic healing
  • growth
  • magic
  • determination
  • staying focused on long-term goals/visions
  • sexual energy + exploration
  • creative impulse + energy
  • grounding
  • becoming more in tune with your body
  • alignment with inner truth
  • breaking free of old, structured patterns
  • intense emotional feelings + heightened sensitivity
  • deep desires

Scorpio Full Moon Crystals

Wear one or more of the following crystals during this phase, while doing magical work, or hold them while journaling, meditating, or visualizing the fulfillment of your desires:

Black Moonstone

black moonstone /

Seeing into your darker self + aspects, and your deeper desires, feelings, mysticism, and power that you don't always connect with on a daily basis.


bloodstone /

Healing your relationship to your body, and your feelings about your body. Bringing balance back to and embodiment of the whole self.


sugilite /

Karmic + ancestral healing, the willingness to let go of that which no longer serves, and reclaiming awareness of your deeper, mystical self.


Snowflake Obsidian

snowflake obsidian /

Bringing the light into the darkness, grounding your spiritual self + energy in your physical life, protection from the darkness projected by others.


Garnet /

Sensuality, desire, pleasure, enjoyment without guilt, luxury, wealth, manifestation. Garnet helps you to feel gorgeous in your skin and to celebrate the abundance around you.