Epic Crystals For Sleep

Epic Crystals for Sleep / krista-mitchell.com

Everybody’s always asking me for suggestions on crystals to help them sleep. Here’s a few different suggestions based on different sleep issues. Feel free to ask for more in the comments below!

Some way to use these crystals for sleep are:

  • to have a big crystal (big pieces) by your bedside
  • small ones can be put under your pillow 
  • if none of the above are options for you, you can hold the crystals in your receptive hand and/or meditate with them before going to bed


lepidolite / krista-mitchell.com
  • helps the mind feel drowsy
  • relaxes you to help you fall asleep
  • works pretty quickly within 5 to 20 mins to help you drift off

Rose Quartz

rose quartz / krista-mitchell.com
  • very soothing and nurturing vibe 
  • gentle and loving


amethyst cluster.jpg
  • relaxes you and reduces anxiety and stress to help you sleep 
  • since it is a quartz, it can also keep you up at night as it channels a lot of direct energy, so honor the truth of your experience with it. It may not always work the same way for everyone 


celestite / krista-mitchell.com
  • helps with sleep disturbances at night and against fear and anxiety of falling asleep
  • can prevent psychic attacks at night and is great for protection
  • if you wake up at night and feel scared put in on your third eye, hold it in your hand or have it by your bed side
  • it's a high frequency crystal so anything that does not meet that frequency cannot enter it's energy field


Selenite Tower / krista-mitchell.com
  • great crystal to have in abundance in your bedroom
  • very peaceful and serene, soothing and comforting
  • good for energy purification in general and while sleeping

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