Crystal Healing for an Emotional Hangover

crystal healing emotional hangover /

We’ve all had moments in our lives when we’ve cried for hours, had a major shouting match, faced a serious confrontation, or just completely lost our sh**. After intense emotional outpourings, we’re often left fatigued, with a dry, empty feeling, maybe even a headache, and perhaps a slow, creeping dose of shame, regret, bitterness, or grief coming in. I call this an emotional hangover.

Without getting too bogged down in the science of things, our body physically responds to intense emotional experiences by dumping a lot of chemicals into our system (like adrenaline, for instance) that will then take time to dissipate or be fully detoxed. There’s also the emotional body’s need to recalibrate and replenish from the excess. And if the psyche jumps on board and starts judging, shaming, questioning, inflaming, it can be a while before we feel some sense of balance again, and can fully recover from our hangover.

I became really expert at doing restorative crystal healing work because so many of my clients in NYC led high-stress, high-profile lives, but also because of my own emotional ups and downs: I come from a 500 year-old line of Scottish Highlanders, and I’m a Leo with an Aries moon. Thank the gods for my Libra ascendant, calming crystals, and my commitment to mindfulness practice, because otherwise I’m pretty well set up to open a big can of whoop-ass at the drop of a hat! I’m also that breed of emotional creature who cries, too easily, too often, and is prone to meltdowns if I’m too tired and too stressed for long.

So, as always, I have learned from practice, patience, and experience.

The most important thing to do when you’re emotionally hungover is to switch into extreme self-care. Gentleness, softness, quiet, nurturing words and actions, simple foods, and water (both in terms of drinking, but also in terms of being in the presence of water, either in a bath or sitting by a river, lake, etc.) are all beneficial. You can add the following four crystals to the mix to help support you in this process, and to accelerate your recovery:

ruby in fuschite /

Ruby in fuschite: combines the grounding, nurturing, and empowering effects of ruby, with the balancing, stabilizing, and restorative properties of fuschite. It’s fast-acting and always my #1 go-to when I’ve experienced a major upset.

blue calcite /

Blue calcite: a soother and a nurturer, with a gentle, flowing vibe, blue calcite helps to ease both physical and emotional inflammatory conditions, and is a gentle buffer for any stagnate or blocked energies in the system.

rose quartz /

Rose quartz: gives you the lovey-dovey vibe all day. No matter what happened, who was right or wrong, or what you lost, you’re gonna need loving energy to heal.

tiger eye /

Tiger eye: a chief balancer, tiger eye helps to fortify all of our subtle bodies (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual), so it helps shift you past the fatigue and that empty feeling, put any negative thinking in neutral, and gently motivate you to take the self-care steps that you need.