Waxing Moon Ritual: Crystal Spirit Totem

waxing moon crystal ritual / krista-mitchell.com

Working with the lunar phases in June is particularly powerful: After passing through the mystical portal month of May, we enter the month of June when the sun waxes to its fullest at the solstice, before beginning its inevitable wane over the summer months.

Pairing the power of the waxing sun with the waxing moon this month doubles up the energy and force behind any desire you’re seeking to manifest. It’s a perfect balance of the yang and yin forces: divine masculine and divine feminine, exertion and magnetism.

Waxing periods are times of action, energy-building, and attraction. As we enter the waxing moon phase tomorrow (June 1st at 8:42am ET), it’s time for us to move forward with the plans and intentions we set at the new moon with greater focus, determination, and drive, while remaining open to opportunity and fulfillment.

If we harness the energy of both waxing moon and sun energy wisely, we can use it to sling-shot us towards our goals, and to ground and deepen our personal power.

In the wheel of the year and the cycle of life, this is also a highly life-affirming time. Love, abundance, success, healing, and growth magic has been worked for centuries in this phase, as well as calling in the magical help of benevolent gods, faeries, and spirits. (Check out my “Path of the Priestess: Channeling the Power of Sun and Stone” for more magical offerings!).

quartz ritual / krista-mitchell.com

The Ritual

The following ritual is designed to be simple yet commanding of these forces. It involves a bit of time and surrender to the devotion, but it will move a LOT of energy towards your purpose. You will use the four elements, the energy of the sun and moon, as well as your own joy through dance and song, to empower a crystal as a spirit totem for manifestation.

Song and circle dances have been used since ancient times to channel, build, contain, and direct energy. By dancing in a circle, arms raised, in joyful exchange with the gods and the Universe, you are performing a sacred ritual in keeping with the people of old.

You will need:

  • a quartz crystal (point or tumbled is fine)
  • the recording of a favorite, uplifting song that you can dance to, set on repeat
  • room to dance in a circle
  • a red taper candle and holder
  • toothpick
  • matches
  • salt
  • water

Timing: begin in the morning any time during the waxing moon phase in June, prior to the summer solstice.


  1. Use the toothpick to mark a sun symbol  ☀️  on one side of your candle, and a moon symbol  🌙  on the other side.
  2. Light your candle. Consecrate your quartz by blowing on it (air), running it through the candle flame (fire), dousing it with water (water), and then sprinkling salt on it (earth).
  3. Place your crystal in direct sunlight for a full 8-12 daylight hours. Fill a small cup or bowl with lightly salted water, and place your crystal in the bowl under direct moonlight for the night (the water and salt help to conduct the energy of the moonlight more powerfully).
  4. Hold the quartz up to your mouth in your dominant hand and whisper or speak your desire into it. Hold it to your heart and give it your love, and then pass it to your receptive hand.
  5. Take a few minutes to visualize your desire manifesting, and then turn on the recording of your song and put it on repeat. Begin to dance in a circle as you sing your song. Imagine that you are singing this song of light and joy to your desire.
  6. Let the energy build as you continue to circle and sing.
  7. Open your arms and let the energy be shared with the whole world around you, the Universe, all life, nature. See it spread light and joy everywhere.
  8. Now, with your arms still spread, visualize your heart opening to receive all that light and love energy back into your center, completing the cycle of exchange with the Universe. Let it fill you up until you are bursting with love and light.
  9. When you feel the energy begin to wane, shift your crystal back to your dominant hand. Feel the energy spread into the crystal. Then extinguish your candle.
  10. Ground and center, and thank the Universe, four elements, your crystal, and any spirits or deities you feel may have entered into your ritual.

Wear or carry your quartz with you as a crystal spirit totem, or until your desire becomes manifest. The totem will continue to draw light, joy, and love your way, and affirm your heart-felt wishes.