Autumnal Equinox - Balancing The Forces Of Light And Dark

autumnal equinox 2015 /

I've been a little quiet for the past couple of months. I've been happy to sink into the writing of my book, completing some projects, and listening to the faint whisperings of Spirit and Nature. I haven't been living in a cave, however, so I've been attentive to and aware of much of the struggle and strife that's been happening in the world, both individually and collectively.

People I know have lost their jobs, loved ones, their homes.  There's been an increase in mental illness, instability, and anxiety issues. Massive numbers of people have been displaced due to the violence in the East.  I've had a number of you reach out to me, asking what's going on, and when are things going to get better?

What I'm receiving from both Nature and the guides in the Akashic Records is that there's an interpolation of Light and Dark happening, the interweaving and interference/intervention of both destructive and ascending forces.  A dance, if you will, where two different partners keep cutting in.  

Now life is made up of the intermingling of these forces, it's just more pronounced lately. We feel up then we feel down, things start getting better and then we're whammied, we're two steps closer to our goal, then four steps back.  Hence the eclipses falling on the new and full moon, intergalactic light reaching an apex at the 28th, while at the same time we tilt (at least in the Northern hemisphere) into the dark time of the year.  

There's a LOT going on, and for some of you it might be feeling a little heavy.

I've been asked how to best manage all of this, and the response I've received is to keep it simple, keep it real, and find joy wherever and whenever you can.

Now finding joy during times like these can feel rather frivolous, bumper-sticker whitesy lightsy, or impossible, especially when faced with very real situations (real meaning actual events rather than just fears or worries in our heads).  But I'm assured that joy is essential, because it's the Light, it's love, it's the balancing presence of the goodness and magic and wonder available to us, and there's still plenty of that in this world.  

The Equinox is about balance, and it's up to us right now to find and achieve that balance between light and dark in our lives.  

Take heart!  The vibration of the next couple of months (end of September through end of November-ish) right now feels to me to be lighter, smoother, and easier, so anchor yourself in simple things that you feel grateful for, and breathe.  

Click here for a Simple Abundance Gratitude ritual that you can practice tomorrow during the Equinox (Wednesday Sept. 23rd, 2015). 

Yes this is all a part of our evolutionary process, how people respond to challenges either holds them back, or moves them forward. The great thing about being 'awake' is that you're more empowered, you're more aware of the choices you make, and how that affects your experience.

Choosing joy whenever possible, expressing gratitude for simple things, keeps you anchored in the Light, and keeps you moving forward.