Karma, Crystals, and 4 Ways to Deal

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You know, shelves of books have been written about the Law of Karma, but it’s been my experience through giving Akashic Record readings that it still has quite a misunderstood and/or misinterpreted function in our lives. There are a few bits of guidance that have come through time and again that I thought might be helpful for people to hear, especially given that in the Akasha, Karma gets a much more loving spin.

Karma is not your debt, punishment, our ‘fault’. If you lobbed someone’s head off in a past life, it doesn’t necessarily mean you owe them something in this one, or that you need to be punished for past actions. If you formed a limiting belief in response to a traumatic event as a child, you're not being blamed if it's still impacting your life now. If you’re suffering in this lifetime, it’s not necessarily because you were a villain in a previous life, and/or it doesn’t mean you’re doomed and deserving to suffer all through this life until the next.

Karma is about balance, but, it’s about restoring sovereignty back to your soul. Whenever you make a choice that’s not in alignment with your soul (which is your highest standard), you create Karma. This Karma will pop up sometime in the future as an opportunity for you to make a different choice, one that puts you back into alignment. The opportunity could be in the form of a lesson, relationship, hardship, obstacle, triumph, milestone, or yes, even making amends, but it willshow up, and show up again and again until you’ve made the choice that restores your balance.

To put it simply, every time you make a choice out of fear, shame, cruelty or lack, you’re creating karma, because these choices are not in alignment with your soul. Every time you make loving, healthy, courageous, or faith-based choices, you are in alignment with your soul, and either avoiding karma or resolving it in the process.

All of this is meant to help you evolve as a human being. When you look at Karma as fault or punishment, you’re putting yourself in the victim seat. When you look at it as an opportunity to heal and grow, you’re empowering yourself and improving the quality of your experience. Karma is not an incarcerating force – it’s a liberating one, but with anything else, it’s all about your perspective.

If you find yourself in the same situation over and over, dealing with the same kind of difficult person over and over, experiencing the same kind of hardships or obstacles over and over, then yes that’s quite possibly your Karma. Your subconscious is trained to draw these things into your experience, and will do so again and again until you’ve made the aligned choice that puts you back into balance with your soul.

This is why it’s not about punishment, debt, or blame: it’s about things working in perfect order to support you in restoring your balance, and living according to your highest standard. It’s what helps all of us grow and make life better, both individually and collectively.

Here are a few ways you can deal with your karma in a loving, empowered way:

  • Face it: We all know (or have been) that somebody who moans on and on about their terrible experience without ever taking action to change it. Beyond being annoying, it’s actually a form of denial. When you choose to face your Karma, really look at it and what it’s trying to communicate to you, you can then take responsibility for it and do something about it.
  • Heal it: If there was wounding you experienced (either in this life or in a past one) that’s contributing to negative patterns of behavior, health, or belief, you can work with a therapist, shaman, Akashic practitioner, or a past life regression therapist to heal that wound and dissolve the Karma. We live in the infinite now, so everything can be healed now, no matter how long ago it happened.
  • Change it: The power of choice is your greatest asset. Always. One choice can either make or break your Karma. They say that in “Hamlet”, when Hamlet chooses not to kill the king kneeling at prayer, he changes the course of his story and seals his fate. Especially when it comes to recurring patterns or problems, look at your choices: do they feel like they’re coming from your heart, or are they coming from your shadow?
    The shadow, rather than just simply fear, is the important distinction – if you’re running scared from an angry bear, that is definitely a loving choice! But if you’re saying no to a golden opportunity because you’re afraid you won’t be good enough, that my dear friend, is your shadow.
  • Forgive it: The Law of Karma is reversed by the Law of Forgiveness. The moment you can sincerely forgive yourself, or others (including God), you dissolve the relative Karma. The way to genuine forgiveness is through compassion, and being mindful that the forgiveness is to heal and free yourself, not to condone or atone for another.

An important note about crystals for karma:

There is no, I repeat, NO crystal out there that is going to dissolve your Karma!

It drives me batty when I see posts selling Karma dissolving crystal bracelets, pendants, etc. Really? It’s that easy? Nope.

Here are a few crystals that can help you discover the source of your Karma and support you in resolving it:

covelite with feather / krista-mitchell.com

Covellite – helps to you experience the depths of your shadow so that you can release and/or reintegrate what you need to heal. Not for the feint of heart, but a powerful accelerator in the process.

nuumite / krista-mitchell.com

Nuumite – a stone of self-mastery that supports you in making empowered, healing choices.

elestial / krista-mitchell.com

Elestial Quartz – helps give you the higher energy, guidance, and power necessary to transcend the ego and embrace your sovereignty.

black obsidian / krista-mitchell.com

Obsidian – brings to light which shadow aspect you need to work on now in order to heal and move forward.

Photo: http://www.rocksandminerals.com/lead.htm

Photo: http://www.rocksandminerals.com/lead.htm

Galena – helps you access past life information that can bring understanding to your current circumstances.

You are not a bad person for having Karma. Everybody has it, and probably will for many lifetimes. Remember it’s what helps you evolve, it’s part of the process of being human.

After all, if you were a perfect, enlightened person, you wouldn’t need to be here anymore. You’d be up there playing chess with the Buddha, somewhere…

Krista N. Mitchell