My Past Life Journey Experience

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I did my first past life regression years ago to help heal a fear of sharks.

I’d had the fear ever since I could remember, and not for any apparent reason. People would ask me: “Did you watch ‘Jaws’ when you were little?” And my answer would be “No way!”. That film would have scared the dickens out of me. My oldest and dearest friend would always wave her hand and say “You were probably a little Polynesian boy in a past life who was eaten by sharks.”

I decided to find out.

I had enrolled in a past life regression training in Hawaii with Doreen Virtue, as I kept feeling guided to offer this work to my crystal reiki clients. As with all proper trainings, a healer learns how to do the work first by doing it for herself. So in class I set my intention to discover the source of my shark fear. The music started, Doreen did her thing, and under I went.

What came up for me first was different from what I had expected: I wasn’t a little Polynesian boy, but a circa 9th century woman dressed in finery, standing at the threshold of a deep, dark woods. I was facing a choice: I could go into the woods, join the druids and priestesses who were gathering there, and answer the calling in my heart to embrace my magic. Or, I could go back into the castle, and stay safe in my comfortable life with my newfound Christian faith.

I felt intimidated by the head druid and lady of the priestesses, who had both sought to disempower and mock me for my chosen faith. And so, out of fear, I turned around and went back into the castle, and never considered answering that calling again.

My heart sank as I reclaimed this memory -- I felt sad that I had given up on my own heart’s guidance. I also recognized a pattern in this lifetime of giving away my power to both male and female authority figures.

I came away from the session with a clear understanding that one of my main purposes in this lifetime was empowerment, and to finally answer that calling to embrace my inner magic. It’s been a process, but I have been honoring that message ever since.

While some may debate the validity of past lives and past life work, there’s one thing I can say for sure based on my experience: if there are things lurking in the shadows of our psyches, that are impacting our choices and thus the quality of our daily lives, they are VERY real, however we choose to access them.

I have always in my heart believed in multiple lifetimes, and I’m very convinced of them and in the validity of doing this work.

Past life journeying and reclaiming work can certainly help us to heal issues that baffle us in this lifetime.

Not so much in terms of balancing karma, which I believe is a life-long process of making soul-aligned choices, but in respect to bringing what’s missing or holding us back into the light of our consciousness. 

Not only did that one experience highlight and refine an important healing process for me, but it also affirmed who I am and what I am on a very deep level.

Oh, and by the way, I finally did get to my shark-fear lifetime during that training in Hawaii! 

I was a young girl in a swimsuit (so it was most likely my most recent lifetime) and I was out on a floating dock that had been chained to the ocean floor. A shark had been sighted in the shallows and everyone had cleared out, but I was petrified (for obvious reasons!) to jump into the water and swim to the shore. My father ended up having to come out in a boat to get me, and I never set foot in the water again.

So no shark attack -- it was pure fear that had followed me from that lifetime into this one.

Thanks to that revelation, I had the courage to go swimming in the bay with wild dolphins the next morning. I admit I still felt trepidation, but knowing that all I had to face was fear, not trauma, truly helped me. I honestly don’t think I would have had the guts to do it otherwise (though I still admit that to this day that I prefer lake-swimming 😉).

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