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“Crystal Reiki: A handbook for healing mind, body, and soul”

Two popular practices—crystal and energy healing—in one great, expert handbook! 
Krista Mitchell (Change Your Energy) is a master at crystal healing, and with Crystal Reiki, she has created a handbook for practitioners both amateur and professional. This technique combines crystal layouts with energy healing to treat a variety of ailments. Fully illustrated and easy to use, this comprehensive guide teaches the fundamentals of working with crystals and chakras; explains how healers should prepare themselves, their space, and their tools; covers four levels of healing that include auras, body, mind, and spirit; and stresses the importance of self-care for healers themselves.

The book includes:

  • The history of reiki and crystal healing

  • The modern art of crystal healing

  • The five-part process of a crystal healer’s preparation including energy clearing + shielding techniques

  • Crystal healing layouts and protocols for physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and aura healing

  • Crystal healing + metaphysical techniques and practical tips on healer self-care

  • Krista’s story plus real-life case studies and anecdotes!




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"Krista shares a wealth of knowledge and practical guidance for Reiki practitioners and Crystal Healers. Crystal Reiki is packed full of tools and complete procedures for spiritual, mental, emotional and physical healing based on real-life experience. Krista has written an excellent comprehensive guide and reference for modern-day energy healers. Crystal Reiki includes powerful crystal layouts to take your Reiki sessions to another level!"
- Ethan Lazzerini, author of Crystal Grids Power & Psychic Protection Crystals.


Krista Mitchell is a master energy healer. Her integration of Reiki and Crystal work is at the cutting edge of energy healing possibilities. This amazing book Crystal Reiki takes you not only through specific healing layouts, but also teaches how to shield, create a healing space, and more. Perhaps most importantly this book teaches how to recognize our own shadow, something many energy healers avoid. I highly recommend this book.” - Brett Bevell, Author of Psychic Reiki, The Wizards Guide To Energy Healing, and other books.

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Wow! Adding Crystals to your Reiki Practice couldn’t be made easier! If you’re looking to deepen your knowledge of crystals, and feel ready to start a new healing journey, Krista Mitchell is the crystal healing teacher for you!
We've taking Krista's workshops, watched many of her videos, and her book, Change Your Energy is our best selling crystal book at Happy Soul!
We consider Krista's crystal knowledge to be at the highest level.”
- Diane Kewley and Joey Wargachuk, Authors of Happy Soul Crystal Cards

Susan Lander

“Being a healer is a noble calling." Thus begins Crystal Reiki: A Handbook for Healing Mind, Body, and Soul by ‘Rock Whisperer’ Krista Mitchell. In Crystal Reiki, the follow-up to her bestselling crystal guide Change Your Energy, Mitchell provides a groundbreaking guide to the art of Crystal Reiki.

Developed over fifteen years and thousands of professional Crystal Reiki sessions, Mitchell discovered how to combine the best healing properties of both crystals and Reiki to accelerate her clients' healing process and to better address their needs.

In this beautifully illustrated guide, Mitchell carefully and thoughtfully walks you through how to integrate Crystal Reiki into your own healing practice, including the fundamentals, preparation and specific practices.

Mitchell then goes an important step further by including a section on an often-discussed and little-addressed issue for healers: how can you best heal your clients’ deepest needs while still taking care of your own? In this section on self-care, she provides specific guidance that includes weekly restorative practices and crystal self-healing layouts.

In short: Crystal Reiki explores new territory and opens up new possibilities for healers." - SUSAN LANDER, ESQ., author of Conversations with History: Inspiration, Reflections and Advice from History-Makers and Celebrities on the Other Side