"Krista is an amazing healer and teacher.
As a healer she has given be clear guidance and actions that I can take to greatly improve my life both physically and spiritually.
As a Crystal Reiki teacher she is thorough, patient, informative and supportive. I loved my classes with her and lost track of time while I was with her. 
She is an amazing, connected gifted woman, healer, teacher and writer." - JLS, NYC

"I learned about Krista Mitchell through a friend who took one of Krista’s crystal workshops. I reached out to her because I felt like I was blocked and out of my body. Krista took her time to explain (I’m a pretty complex person who struggles with being very cerebral and pragmatic) that I actually wasn’t blocked. I was out of my body and needed to reconnect with my soul. I was in “ Sky Fall“ mode.

A few hours after our session I suddenly felt a sense of calm, peace and quiet. That night I slept like a baby.

It’s been a few weeks since our session and I do feel better. I bought the crystals Krista recommended and few others that I never would have considered. When people ask how I’m doing, I respond by saying “I feel back in my body. More present and grounded” Trust me, after a year of “ Sky Fall” that’s a response I’m happy to share.

Krista, thank you for helping me get reconnected with my soul. I know this is just the beginning of the work we will do together." - B. Steele, NYC

"Krista came into my life at a time when I needed spiritual support and understanding. I have since experienced a variety of her sessions & classes that have been insightful, nourishing & empowering. Her wisdom and healing hands leave me feeling refreshed, nurtured and confident in continuing my journey." Ann Marie, Acupuncturist & Massage Therapist

"Krista was highly recommended to me by a very good friend and she certainly lived up to that recommendation. After all my sessions with Krista I feel like I was just born again; my energy and spirit are renewed and I feel so full of joy and love for life. I am more productive and more gentle with myself as a result. Krista is not only very good at what she does, her energy is also very loving and accepting. I felt so safe with her, from the first moment we met. It is a fantastic feeling when you know that you are in "good hands", on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. I bless my friend every day for sending Krista my way." Sonja, Astrologer Coach

"Thank you Krista, for helping me replenish my energies, heal and grow. You are wonderful at what you do. I have highly recommended you to many of my friends, so they too can treat themselves to some "one on one magic time." Nina, Designer

"Krista is a gifted healer, teacher, and mentor who brings great thought and care to ALL she does whether it be guided group meditations, personalized Reiki and Crystal Therapy sessions, or passing on her knowledge of the healing arts. She inspires transformative change and is a kind, gentle, and encouraging guide throughout the journey of healing and growth. It?s clear she truly does aspire to heal the world one person at a time and her success gives rise to the belief it is within reach."
Lynne Mazzoli, Writer

"Krista has been such a blessing to me. Since I have met her I have gone to every workshop that she has offered and I will be going to more in the future. She is extremely knowledgable and specific when any question is asked. Krista has helped me realize all the unlimited potential that I have kept hidden under my fear and I am in more in control of my life than ever. She really has inspired me. I recommend her to everyone, as she truly cares about the process of our healing." Nicholas Pepe, NLP Therapist & Healer

Thanks Krista for all of amazing guidance and advice you have given me through our many sessions together. You have taught me valuable skills that I still utilize today. I could not have lived as long as I did in NY without the tools you have given me. You are an amazing healer and are so important in this world for lighting the way for others. You are a successful healer because you continuously work from your heart. I know that your success will only continue to grow. Anyone would be so lucky to work with an amazing person as you. Thanks again Krista!" K. McDowell, Actress

"I have a session with Krista just about every week. Living in NYC, it's so easy to lose vitality and pick up other people's energy. A Reiki session with her will return you to a balanced state and, in addition, help release any unresolved emotions or blocks. Just amazing. And completely affordable. Book a session ASAP and see for yourself!" Rachael, Actor/Singer

"Thanks so much Krista . It was a wonderful experience- extremely helpful to me. I sincerely appreciate your help. Life changing. Forever grateful... with love Patti" Patti

"I found Krista when I was just beginning to get into working with crystals and was scouring the web to find information. Her YouTube videos led me to contact her for my training. We began with crystal training, which was fabulous! It was one-on-one, which just allowed for the ability to ask questions and really target my learning. My crystal training with her was awesome, and I put all of her knowledge to work in my practice. However, my best experience was probably my Reiki Master training. She was the first teacher I ever came across that made me feel like it was ok to be me, to be real, and she supported me in being the best version of myself. That's the sign of a gifted teacher and a true master, and I'm proud to have my certification from her on the wall in my office." Mary Anne, Reiki Master and Crystal Healer

"I've been working with Krista consistently for the past 5 years and she has helped me through some of the most painful and difficult moments in my life. I seriously don't think I could have managed without her intuitive guidance, Crystal Reiki sessions, meditations, crystal workshops, and her Akashic Record Readings. I love working with Krista because she's sincere, understanding, and quite frankly very, very gifted! I highly recommend her to anyone seeking spiritual guidance, support in any area of their lives or simply wishing to create & attract more balance, harmony and abundance." V. Castaneda, Photographer

"I have taken three of Krista's Crystal Reiki Matrix workshops and have done wonderful healing meditations with her. Krista is an awesome teacher in her workshops. Her energy surrounds you and her space where we learn and meditate is so calm, serene and peaceful. I plan on taking many more workshops with her in the future and I definitely plan on going for more healing meditations. Learning from Krista has totally transformed my life. She has opened up a brand new world for me. I would definitely recommend Krista to anyone who wants to learn about crystals or who is interested in healing meditations. Krista has changed my life for the better."
Sandi G, A New Crystal Reiki Master Practitioner

"It all started with this wild idea I had that somehow I needed to lighten my load - it seemed nearly impossible to accomplish this as a working woman living in the hectic city of New York. I desperately wanted to feel this zen everyone speaks of, rather then constantly feeling an uncontrolled chaos looming around me. After discussions with some friends who said they heard that crystals had healing qualities that could balance one's energy, I began a google search for crystal healing NYC. Krista not only performed crystal healing, but all her sessions gave me pratical tools and tips to continue the healling process after I left her sessions. Books, life-style excercises and even movies serve as learning tools. All this homework were subtle reminders to me that Krista's crystal reiki sessions" were helping me take back my own inner power. The services Krista has offered me has taught me how to forgive myself, how to feel worthy again and how to empower myself! I am so grateful!?" Ingrid, Attorney

"I want to thank you for the amazing new years meditation kit that I downloaded. My friend and I did it together and it was even more powerful than last year's group meditation. Your meditations always take me to amazing places!" Best, Whitney

"I just wanted to email to let you know how much I'm enjoying your crystal videos. They have been very helpful and interesting and I'm so glad I stumbled upon you on Instagram. I don't believe in coincidences and glad the universe sent me your way." Clare

"I don't have Facebook so I can't provide feedback online but thought I would write to say that I appreciate having had the opportunity to talk with you. I found it was helpful to reflect on the space that I work in and what type of energy I want to manifest as well as ways to clear the energy and protect the space and myself. Thanks for your support, as always!" Marion W., Social Worker

"I first had a healing session with Krista when I was in a lot of emotional turmoil and feeling hopeless in general. One session with her was more empowering than 11 years of talk therapy (of which I had previously gone through) put together. She is not afraid to go deep and she will guide you with her gentle yet strong, loving wisdom. She has changed my life on so many levels and I can't recommend her teachings and services enough" Christine Lee, Graphic Designer

"Meeting Krista and taking her classes is a wonderful experience! I found out about her when I first started getting interested with crystals. At first, I wanted to attend her crystal workshops but I wasn’t able to until she offered her Crystal Reiki Training. Walking into the class, I really didn’t have an idea on what to expect since I never had previous experience with Reiki. But that first class really brought a major shift in my life. Since then, I surrounded myself with crystals 24/7. I was able to discover different ways on how to use crystals and how I’m able to help others and myself. Working with Krista as a healer is also incredible. She is very intuitive and even when I have no idea on how to express how I’m feeling, she is able to sense and find words for me. Krista is honest and down to earth and has been a wonderful support in my journey. Her Crystal Reiki healing also goes beyond the actual healing that takes place in her office as she suggests books, oils and other things to learn knowledge from and support me in my circumstances. Her crystal reading workshop is fun and brings a new twist on normal divinatory by using crystals instead of tarot cards. The Akashic Reading is a very unique experience and I was able to understand and hear loving guidance that was needed at that point in my life. Also, attending her workshops is a great way to meet like-minded people and create friendships that supports me in my spiritual journey. I am very thankful and grateful for Krista on helping me in so many different ways. My experience with Krista has brought me courage to live my life in a way that my soul and heart seeks. Thank you!" Chrizza, Crystal Reiki Practitioner

"I have learned so much practical information from the webinar series that I have been applying to both my personal life and practise with great results. Its such an engaging and fun way to learn about crystals, I especially like these power packed crystal combinations that really do work! I seriously just can't get enough of these webinars, it exciting to see what she comes up with next." Amanda, Australia

"Krista - I ordered your class on Spiritual Ninja and I was blown away on how much information you incorporated along with it being very useful. I'm very much interested in taking more of your classes. Thanks so much" Pilar

"Krista has the most beautiful spirit and an incredible gift. Her Crystal Reiki sessions have guided me into an amazing journey. I love the way my life is unfolding and her insight opened my mind to new possibilities. I was so inspired by Krista that I needed her to teach me Crystal Reiki. She is a wonderful teacher and I am so grateful to have learned from her. Thank you Krista!"
Denise, Massage Therapist and Reiki Practitioner

"I have been seeing Krista for about a year now for healing sessions such as crystal reiki & akashic reading. I can honestly say that she is the best in the business. She is a very powerful healer yet seemingly so gentle. I can't recommend her enough to all my friends." Rabeea, Crystal Reiki Practitioner

"Amazing! That's what Krista simply is. I was very skeptical about Crystal Reiki and its effects on the mind and body, but Krista turned all that around for me and opened my body, mind, and soul to all the wonderful things we have around us. I am much more focused, positive and healthier. I highly recommend Krista to anyone because she truly cares about giving the absolute best to all of her clients." Michelle T, Journalist

"Krista is the person I trust most for when I am looking to clear and align my energy. She has helped me with very specific issues around psychic attack, toxic relationships, and healing childhood trauma. The sessions were exactly what I needed, and I felt the shifts immediately. I value Krista’s abilities, trust her insights, and feel her connection with this work. It’s powerful." - Shelley Poovey, BodyAttune Wellness

"Krista is amazing! I have benefitted from her nurturing care for years, between crystal healing sessions and Akashic readings. Not only is she hyper-focused, accurate and powerful in her work, she is genuinely devoted to her clients' well being and life journeys. One of the most special people I've ever met, Krista continues to amaze me session after session." - Elizabeth, New York City

"I don't even know where to begin. I Have been working with her since 2009- both in personal sessions and also with Reiki Training 1 & 2. I suppose my wonderful shifting is a cumulative effort - however i started seeing Krista regularly for reiki about a year ago. On average every couple weeks as our schedule allowed. Evolution can sometimes be such that - you don't really know what is evolving until you are on the other side... and even then... you cannot always pinpoint what it was- but you know with every fibre of your being you are not the same as you once were. It has been year of great shifting for me- and without Krista, I don't know that I would have transitioned with such Grace. I could not be more excited to be actively involved in this life- and to watch it unfold for me and those around me. Krista helped me to listen within and connect to that deeper essence - and honor and trust her. So much beauty has unfolded since I have had Krista in my life. Thank you infinitely."
Kelly, Soon to be B&B owner in Peru

"I have worked with Krista over several years and she is an immensely gifted intuitive healer. Krista is well seasoned in her work and her guidance is grounded, practical, clear and concise. My sessions with her have always been on point in accuracy. I cannot recommend her services enough. Krista has been an amazing support to my highest evolution. Infinite Gratitude!" - Ann Marie S., Massage Therapist, Martial Artist.

"Krista is one of the best I've ever met for energy work! She's the real deal and her genuine and loving way of working is simple, straightforward, honest and soul moving. I've had the pleasure of taking a course with her in 2014 and have taken a few one on one sessions with her and cannot say how much she has helped me. She is a wonderful person, spiritual leader and soul shifter and am just grateful to have her among us. Bless you Krista and for all you do! Xxx" - Julie, HR

"FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE, I know myself in a way that I never imagined possible. I can clearly understand what others have been trying to say. Krista has a very special gift, and a unique sensibility to connect to the spiritual realm and explain the messages they are trying to give us, in a nurturing and empowering way. She is unlike any other person, with whom I have ever worked. I highly recommend making the small investment in working with Krista. It will change your life and allow you to see more clearly, so that you can move forward into the magnificent future that the universe has always desired." - M. Ivory, Advocate & Entrepreneur

"Krista's Akashic reading was pretty remarkable and helpful. I found her guidance was an accurate reflection of what was going on in my life. I recommend her help when feeling like you need to deeper insights, so you can continue to work on your spiritual journey. Yume, California

"I had an Akashic record reading with Krista and it was really great.  All of my questions were answered in a practical way that left me experiencing more clarity and focus in my life. Thanks Krista!" - Darren, NYC

"My session today with Krista was spot on and so extremely helpful! She was able to access my records with clarity and delivered the messages I needed to hear for my spiritual growth and path. If you are looking for confirmation of your spiritual journey and much more, Krista is the one to call! She delivers the information in a way that is easy to understand and process. I would highly recommend her." - Christie B.

"I first met Krista while looking online for alternative methods of cancer treatment for my cat Gracie. Unfortunately she passed before I was able to meet with Krista but the search lead me to my own healing work with Krista. I was very stressed and consumed with a lot of inner 'stuff' during the time I began working with Krista. After almost three years of working with Krista I can fully say i owe most of my relief to her healing energy, knowledge, patience, skill and intuitive work. This woman is the real deal. If you are in any way connected to getting real and working through pain and suffering on any level or if you are simply looking to grow and deepen your happiness..this woman is worth every penny. And she's just gorgeous to boot! love and respect to you my dear friend!" Jaime L. K., Actress

"I absolutely loved this reading. Krista brings clear energy and is descriptive - and funny too. Afterwards I felt warm about doing this reading." - Vanessa Tolino, Kuala Lumpur

"I have had a few Akashic Readings with Krista, as well as have had taken quite a few of her classes in the past. Working with Krista and the Akashic Records has been a soft place to land, as well as a safe haven when my world was thrown into confusion and chaos. Krista’s work is solid, grounded, practical and empowering. Working in the records has been a great experience that has helped me to hone in on my authentic self, sense of purpose, refine my goals, and brings me back down to Earth with practical application. It reminds me of the immeasurable grace there is for us regardless of what we are experiencing in our lives. Infinitely grateful." -AnnMarie, LMT

"When it comes to spiritual healing I am a very skeptical person. When I met Krista I knew she was for real, her energy felt comfortable, at ease and trusting. Her treatments felt wonderful, very gentle, peaceful and grounding. One of the things I love the most is she will ensure that you are properly centered and cleaned. She coaches you all the way and her knowledge is very well rounded. I have taken my children to meet her and they absolutely love her work too." Maria, Social Worker

"You know it is funny how things can happen to get you to the right space and time to understand your purpose and path. This week I had an Akashic Record reading with Krista. It was the first time that I was really ready to receive the information that I needed and let me tell you that I was given a blessing from her and my spirit guides. I truly know the directions that I need to pursue to continue on my path. It is with love in my heart and true respect that I say Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to Krista. She is one with source and is truly gifted." Debbie M.

"I just received an akashic reading from Krista and not only did I leave having all the answers i needed but left feeling empowered. Krista embodies light and peace and you can't help but to take that with you when you leave her presence. i will tell every and anyone I know to get a reading / healing / classes. She is the best and I've seen many others but I cant imagine going to anyone else now." S. Torres, Hospital Admin

"I have to say thank you thank you!! I was blessed to have had this reading. I came out with a tremendous feeling of purpose and now know what I have to do. Not only was it interesting but was truly life changing. It was an awesome positive experience! many blessings" D. Sperling

"It was a wonderful experience. I received the answers and guidance that I needed. Thank you so much!" S. Chan

"Krista really has a gift for guiding others towards awareness and well-being... Her insightful Reiki sessions will leave you feeling renewed, balanced, and inspired." Ali, Yoga Instructor

"Krista's Reiki sessions are gentle & calming. She taps into an intuitive guidance that deepens each session. Thank you Krista!" Shakti, Teacher

"The reading with Krista was so helpful. She has such a loving and grounded guidance that has directed me again and again. I am so grateful for her!" C. Lee

"I have had several treatments with Krista, and each time I have left feeling relaxed and filled with only positive energy. She has a gift of making you feel at ease and your tension disappears. This will change you!" Julie, Bartender

"Krista's treatments are wonderful. Her strong yet peaceful energy allows you to feel calm, comfortable and supported. As you lie on her table, stress and tension seem to just melt away." Rosemary, Yoga Instructor

"After a c-section labour delivery - my stomach was in a lot of pain. Krista's healing energy brought wonders and the pain decreased dramatically!" Cheryl, Happy New Mom

"Krista's treatment is beautiful. Her presence is felt immediately and she makes you feel comfortable and at peace. Trust her, leave yourself in her hands and she will take care of the rest. She's great!"
Marianna, Office Manager

"Krista's sessions are extremely nurturing and healing. She generates a feeling of being taken care of and loved. Furthermore, Krista insight has transformed my life. It was after going to Krista that I became profoundly aware of my intuition and ability to help and heal others. I actually found my life's path. I am forever grateful."
Pardis, Intuitive Life Coach

"Thank you Krista for a great reading, which is always done in a gentle, lovely manner in which the energy flows through the great vibe that Krista always channels. I have done the readings twice and it has helped me to find a guide through my crossroads, and for me is a resource of inspiration and direction. Krista always delivers that in a lovely way. Thanks and I am looking forward to many more" M. Landaverde, Chef

"I was recommended by a friend who had sought an Akashic reading from Krista to help with her life's path regarding career/business. I was somewhat apprehensive, since I was never sure that we are meant to know about our destiny. But at the same time felt I had lost my way. As it turns out, the reading doesn't confirm your exact path, but offers guidance to help you navigate through all the 'noise' that comes across your life which prevents you from discovering your purpose in life, and therefore ultimate happiness.

Krista starts off with a brief prayer followed by specific and articulate information as she cites whatever she receives from the universe. Only stopping now and then to check if the information passed to you is clear - which can be quite sophisticated/deep. ( It is also unnerving but at the same time fascinating how intimate some of the information can be, and which only you will know. It will then be up to apply the information to get yourself to a better place. )

I am sincerely grateful to Krista for helping me identify some key directions which I was in denial of. 
Life is too short after all to spend too much time in the wrong place. Thank you Krista!" Kinni

"Krista just gave me my Reiki II attunement, and it was an amazing experience. Her energy is very grounded, and just being in her presence makes me feel grounded and relaxed, and excited to learn. She also is very knowledgeable about Reiki and Crystals, and I feel like I can ask her anything and she immediately has a specific, helpful answer. I feel very blessed that she is my Reiki teacher, and I highly recommend her for Reiki treatments. Thank you Krista!!" Craig, Student

"I can easily recommend Krista to anyone looking for information from their Guides and Akashic Record. My half-hour reading was very beneficial (though the time flies so I would recommend the hour if you can). I had several questions written out beforehand, and each answer seemed to provide a natural lead-in to another question I had written. I came away from the reading more energized from the confirmations and new understanding, letting shackles of self-blame and doubt fall away.

I received explanations of things -- small things but flummoxing -- that had troubled me throughout life and made me feel "less-than."  Now, I feel fully empowered to honor my Essence! I know now that I don't have to try to change anything (your result may vary if your questions touch on things that do need to change), and just need to come into a deep acceptance of myself and continue honoring myself.  

I have long said that "I am not from this planet" or "I am not from here" in retort in certain situations, and it turns out that I am, indeed, fairly new here. I was concerned about how often I have moved throughout life (28 - 30 times, best as I could count), and worried secretly that maybe this was Karma from a past where I was responsible for putting people to flight or putting them out of their homes, but it turned out to be something perfectly innocent:  my soul is of The Wanderer archetype! (My best friend calls me her Gypsy Girl and I had started calling myself a Nomad.)

I got answers to all my questions (except one that the ancestors and guides deemed "not relevant" to my choice to come to Earth), and am extremely satisfied with Krista's work and ability to contact the Record, a person's Guides, and to effectively communicate between the human and "other side".

Krista is super easy to talk to, a really lovely person, caring, professional, and gifted. I feel confident to recommend The Rock Whisperer, Krista's, services. Love & blessings, and may you All receive the help and guidance you need on your Path through this complex and sometimes confusing life. If your Path has been led here to The Rock Whisperer, then Krista is right for you. She fell out of the sky yesterday in answer to a Call I put out to the Universe two or three weeks ago, so to me there was no question.  If you are here reading this, go for it!  Namaste' and much Love to All.
Mary-Ann,  Denver, CO

"I took Krista's Reiki II course a couple of weeks ago and loved it. It very much helped me to better understand the next stage of Reiki awareness and we were able to practice enough before the class ended that I left feeling ready to spread the love! Krista has a great comforting and wise energy, is always willing to listen, and gives great advice. If you're at all interested in trying any of her classes, meditations or other services, you won't be disappointed. Thanks for being such a great inspiration Krista!" Angie, TV Editor

"My first phone session with Krista was such a wonderful experience. I felt significantly lighter and more centered afterwards. The advice that Krista gave me was extremely helpful. Since our session, I believe that her tips have made real positive changes in my life! I will most certainly book another session in the future." Brooke

"Feeling very blessed for having had the chance to experience that connection. Thank you!" Eric B., Ottawa, Canada

"I had the single most amazing reading with Krista!  She validated that I have in fact lived many lives with the same soul partner.   She, in fact, confirmed that we are Twin Flame Souls.  Her very first set! Which was an honor to know.  I am in the process of using the information that she was able to translate to me from the Akashic Reading to begin some healing and undoing of karmic knots from a past life.  I am so grateful that spirit has open this door for me and I will be utilizing her skills to further my ascension.  You will not be disappointed!" Marjorie, Texas

"I was majorly in need of some guidance and clarity and I found more than that with the reading with Krista. I was pleasantly surprised at the in depth and NON - cryptic, woo woo guidance and help Krista read for me. She very easy to talk to with wonderful phone manner! I was expecting more of an understanding of my past lives and how that could inform my current life path but this was soo much better. It was 100 percent life affirming for me and my career and life path goals. With the guidance she received for me I now have an action plan to continue to follow my dream. I will 100% be back again. Thank you so much Krista. I look forward to talking with you again" - A. Schwartz

"Krista immediately made me feel at ease and was quick to validate aspects of my current life. I felt so blessed to be able to confirm archetypes that have been resonating more and more lately, with themes from my personal Akashic Records. She also gave great advice, along with my guides, on how to go forward after the reading. Thank you so much!" - Aimee BV, NYC

"Clear, accurate, and relatable, Krista Mitchell’s Akashic Records reading really helped to guide me during a very unpredictable time filled with life, career, and personal transition. With divine insight and practical and applicable tips for living my best life, I felt supported by the information and the guidance that Krista lovingly and expertly channeled from the records. As a practitioner of the divine arts, and a frequent recipient of readings, Krista’s Akashic Records reading was perhaps one of the best readings I have ever received this lifetime. During the reading and after I felt incredibly supported and nurtured body, mind, and spirit." 
Hayley Elisabeth Kaufman, Brooklyn, New York. Tarot Reader, Palmist, Writer