4 Hour Pre-Recorded Video Series, $107

This in-class training 2-Part Video Course (+ Handouts) is a great opportunity to invest in your spiritual self-care by learning how to effectively clear and shield your energy - an essential skill for all healers/individuals who are sensitive to energy, including empaths.

This course is perfect if:

·      You are being exposed to lower, harmful, or negative vibrations throughout the day or in your healing work; and/or

·      You find that you're taking on your client's energy during a healing session, or being hit with peoples' stress, anger, draining behavior, upset, or psychic attack to the point that it's throwing you out of balance; and/or

·      You want to learn how to shield your energy properly and effectively.

PART 1 of the course will focus on shielding yourself and provides basic exercises and spiritual practices to increase your ability to shield. Additionally, we discuss the effects of the shadow self and how your own wounds may be what's letting harmful vibes affect your energy, and how to engage the energies of love & light in a way that is real and effectie. This segment also provides tips on how to develop your daily shielding routine, with light homework to practice during the week.

PART 2 of the course will continue with self-shielding and introduce the concepts of shielding your space with practical techniques using crystals, herbs, symbols, mantras/psalms, runes, frequencies and rays of light. Moreover, we discuss when spirit guides can help, and when they can't (and why).

Each PART concludes with a Q&A segment. Krista N. Mitchell is be available by e-mail to help answer any questions you may have.

Format: Video stream on Vimeo, can be downloaded in MP4 format + .pdf handouts

All product offerings are recorded and administered by the author, Krista N. Mitchell.