1. Why should I enroll in this Professional Crystal Healer Certification Course?
Because this is a personal and practical course developed by Krista Mitchell, who not only has tried and tested her crystal healing methods over many years of full-time professional crystal healing work in New York City (for real people with real problems), but has a track record of being consistently successful in helping hundreds of people improve their lives and health.

Five days a week, four weeks a month, 11.5 months a year for 10+ years – is a LOT of crystal healing work experience and Krista’s got that! Plus, you won’t just learn Krista's system of crystal healing, you’ll also learn how to develop yourself as a healer, including how to relate to clients, create a healing environment, cultivate your psychic and healing abilities, deepen your connection to crystal energy and consciousness, and learn how to maintain healthy boundaries and self-care needs, which are all essential to developing a successful professional crystal healing practice.

2. Do I need to be psychic or have previous healing experience to enroll in this course? 
No. Krista will teach and train you in the skills needed to do this work highly effectively.

3. Is there homework? 
Yes.  There are student logs and session reports to be submitted at the end of the first three modules. The work is paced-out so that it is manageable and supports the learning/growth process.

4. Can I study at my own pace and finish the course if I have a family and a full-time job?
Yes, and no. The months of practicum are independent study, you can schedule your practice work and practice clients as your time permits. Classes are held live, but audio and video recordings are available for those who cannot attend at the scheduled live class time, or who wish to review on a later date.

You’ll be expected to show up to your client appointments on time as a healer, so in this program, you are expected to submit your homework and watch all classes in a punctual fashion. After the course ends, you have two months to submit your examination to achieve your certification. If you do not submit your session reports, student logs and/or your examination on time, you can still attend the classes and stay in the program, but you will be disqualified from achieving your certification (CCH).

5. What are the course requirements/supplies?


o   Crystal Reiki by Krista N. Mitchell

o   Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakra System by Anodea Judith

o   Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss

o   The Dark Side of the Light Chasers: Reclaiming Your Power, Creativity, Brilliance and Dreams by Debbie Ford

PLUS, One of the following three books:

o   The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

o   The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian

o   Love is in the Earth by Melody

*If the book(s) are available in audio format and that's easier for you, it's totally ok to get the audio book instead of the print version.


o   selenite stick 8” - 14” in length

o   a chakra kit that includes 1-1.5” sized pieces of red calcite and red jasper, orange calcite and carnelian, tiger eye and citrine, green calcite and rose quartz, blue calcite and blue kyanite, amethyst and clear quartz, moonstone and selenite

o   1-1.5” sized pieces of hematite, black tourmaline, green aventurine, fluorite, blue lace agate, celestite.

 NOTE: These crystals can be raw or tumbled. All registrants will receive discount coupons or discounted lists from reputable online crystal stores as part of their program package.

RECOMMENDED (not required):

o   The Subtle Body by Cyndi Dale

o   The Secret of the Shadow by Debbie Ford

o Change Your Energy: Healing Crystals for Health, Wealth, Love & Luck by Krista N. Mitchell

6. Do I receive a certification at the end of the course?
Yes! Provided you have submitted your session reports and student logs on time and successfully passed your examination on time, you will receive a digital certificate signed by Krista and you will be able to use the CCH (certified crystal healer) designation.

7. What is the timeline of this course?
The course is approximately 6 months long, separated into three two-month modules. The fourth module is an examination period with which you have a maximum of two months to review the course and submit your exam.

8. Why is the course broken down into parts?
Each module builds on the previous one. We begin with physical healing, then layer in mental/emotional, then layer in spiritual. As crystal healing is a holistic (treating the whole), multi-dimensional form of energy therapy, you can work different levels of healing on a client simultaneously. You need time to both process and practice this system — some things take time to learn effectively! Breaking the course into parts facilitates thorough learning of the volume of information provided, and gives you time to process the course exercises.

9. As a Certified Crystal Healer will I be able to use the letters CCH after my name?

10. What will I gain from taking this course program?
You will graduate as a professional, exceptionally well-trained, and experienced crystal healer. You will have healing competency that will range from minor ailments to serious illnesses, stress to childhood trauma, anxiety to cognitive ability, intuition to energy clearing & spirit removal. You will know how to work with clients who have varying issues, how to listen to what’s being said (and what's not), how to sense and scan energy, how to create and hold sacred space, and how to maintain your own professional and energetic boundaries.

11. Can I build a professional practice at the end of this course?
Yes. This course is specifically designed to prepare you for professional practice. And while this is not a business course, there will be resources listed on the course site to point you to teachers and programs that will teach you how to build a thriving business. Because as a professional healer, you are a small business person! You will also receive copies of intake and release forms, and you will learn from Krista's first-hand experience on how to run your practice and do your work with a high-level of integrity and standards. Standards and integrity are oftentimes define a great healer from an average one, and so this is an important part of the program.

12. Do you offer payment plans?
Yes. There will be an 9-month payment plan available at the start of registration.

13. Do you offer refunds?
For the early-bird, partial-scholarship, and one-time registration fees, there are no refunds and no credits – no exceptions. The fee cannot be credited towards future re-enrollment or delayed completion of the program, or to another course of study. In registering you are 100% agreeing to this policy.

For payment plans, all payments are non-refundable, however you can cancel at any time prior to your next scheduled payment and cancel your registration. Defaulting on your payment plan will result in your removal from the program and will disqualify you from certification. Payments cannot be credited towards future re-enrollment or delayed completion of the program. In registering you are 100% agreeing to this policy.

All refund policies are final and honored without exception.

14. I am new to energy healing work and crystals. Is this the right course for me?
Yes. This class is designed to progress naturally from beginner to professional-level healer. People who already have healing or crystal experience will find that to be an asset, but it is not a prerequisite. This course is also open to people who are interested in learning my crystal healing method for personal use.

15. Can I opt out of certification and just take the course for my personal use?
Yes! You are welcome to take the course for your own personal reasons. Certification is an option but is not required. All registrants have the option to opt out of certification at any point in time during the program without penalty, and without affecting their participation in the course.

16. What is Krista Mitchell’s teaching experience?
Along with private trainings, Krista has taught professional certification courses and led spiritual events, guided group meditations, and offered crystal healing, Reiki, divination, and manifestation workshops at the following centers:

• The Omega Institute

• Maha Rose NYC

• The New York Open Center

• The Meta Center

• ARE Edgar Cayce Center

• East West Books

• Sedona Sacred Rocks

• Oriens Living

• Nightlight Astrology’s Guest Speaker Series

  Click here to read Krista’s CV.

17. Is there a teacher training, or will I be able to teach this material after graduating from the program?
There is no teacher training. Krista reserves exclusive rights to this program and to all of her teaching methods and materials. However, there is nothing to stop you from developing you own classes and programs from your own healing experience.

Any one discovered sharing or teaching this material without Krista’s official authorization will face legal action and censure and will also be removed from the certified crystal healer listing on Krista’s website. This is to ensure that the qualities and standards of the practice and the certification are maintained, and in keeping with international copyright laws. 

18. How do I prepare for this course?
You will have a one-week orientation period prior to the start of the course to familiarize you with the program, fill out some forms, and buy any crystals and/or books you still need (side note: most of the required books can be found at your local library). It is recommended that you have your books and crystals purchased prior to the start of the first class.

 Some review of crystal healing basics is also provided as part of the orientation week.