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Feel passionate about crystals, helping others, and dream of becoming a professional crystal healer?

I created this course specifically with you in mind. I have worked with individuals with real problems full-time for over thirteen years. From UN peacekeepers and personnel with PTSD, to empathic celebrities dealing with the paparazzi, violent crime survivors, HIV and cancer patients, burned-out social workers, unhappy executives, individuals seeking major life changes, digestive disorder sufferers, people in recovery, or who are going through awful divorces … I’ve pretty much seen it all because I assisted them with their healing process using crystal energy!

I became an expert in the field and in 2015 I was approached by Sterling Publishing to write a book about my experiences and teach others how to work with crystals. When Change Your Energy: Healing Crystals for Health, Wealth, Love & Luck was released, I fortified my commitment to continue teaching others what I’ve learned as a professional crystal healer.

If it is your calling to be a healer, to help people, to make people’s lives better and seek to make the world a better place through crystal healing, then this is the right program for you.

This Professional Crystal Healer Certification Course thoroughly and expertly trains you in the system of crystal healing developed through my own professional and personal experience as a full-time crystal healer. After this course, you will be a highly specialized, advanced, certified crystal healer (CCH). I offer the best training I can so that you will be a well prepared and experienced, confident, and compassionate crystal healer for the world that needs you.

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Krista Mitchell is invested in you and the standards and quality of her work. She stands by it 100% - but don’t just take her word for it. Here’s what people are saying about her and her program:


"Wow, where do I even begin...  Krista's Pro Crystal Healer course was a wealth of information, not only for my brain but also for my spirit, soul and energy body.  In addition to receiving a tome of crystal-healing protocols, you also receive guidance on self-healing, intuition development and energy medicine practices that are all effective and powerful. Throughout the course, you really learn to embody the medicine crystals have to offer, leaving you prepared to be a full-on Crystal Healer.  Krista exhibits a level of grounded professionalism and expertise in her teaching that you don't always get with such a high-frequency modality.  I highly recommend this course, and Krista, as a teacher!" Angela C, class of 2017


“Krista has been such a blessing to me. Since I have met her I have gone to every workshop that she has offered and I will be going to more in the future. She is extremely knowledgeable and specific when any question is asked...She really has inspired me. I recommend her to everyone, as she truly cares about the process of our healing.” — Nicholas Pepe, NLP Therapist & Healer /


Krista is amazing! Not only is she hyper-focused, accurate and powerful in her work, she is genuinely devoted to her clients’ well-being and life journeys. One of the most special people I’ve ever met, Krista continues to amaze me session after session.” — Elizabeth, New York City


“Krista is the person I trust most for when I am looking to clear and align my energy. The sessions were exactly what I needed, and I felt the shifts immediately. I value Krista’s abilities, trust her insights, and feel her connection with this work. It’s powerful.” — Shelley Poovey, BodyAttune Wellness,


"Krista’s program has helped me immensely within my professional and personal life. Within my time in the course, my life has improved. I feel more aligned to my true life’s purpose and have been continuously attracting what I need. I did face numerous challenges of life, as does anyone, but I felt that the course prepared me emotionally and mentally to accept it. Her caring and loving nature shines through her classes and well thought out emails. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her and I cannot wait to do so again within the future." - James H., class of 2017


"I found the class way more extensive than I expected.  There was a tremendous amount of material and Krista’s expertise and knowledge of crystal healing is mind-blowing. At the beginning I felt overwhelmed and couldn’t imagine ever feeling capable of doing sessions.  But the step by step methodology and the separation of the program into physical, emotional and spiritual allowed the information to sink in and to build on itself.  I feel ready to tackle the world of crystal healing and am grateful for the experience.  I would highly recommend any of Krista’s programs." - Debbie G., class of 2017



This six-month program is designed to effectively balance educational theory and practice. Please note that prior crystal experience and psychic abilities are NOT pre-requisites to this course. However, this course is not suitable for individuals who are merely curious about crystals. You must have an interest in potentially doing this work professionally (or for yourself personally) as this is a program designed for people who want to go pro AND who have an open mind + heart.


The program is scheduled to be flexible for students who may be juggling work, life and family commitments. The goal is to ensure that you have the time you need to learn the system and embody the process, and complete your certification requirements on time.


You will be trained to holistically address a broad spectrum of issues from injuries, ailments, mental & emotional health, to psychic and spiritual development, and energy clearing and protection. You will learn how to assess your clients’ needs and create custom layouts based on those needs and their goals!


All classes are taught live online by Krista, and links for both audio and video recordings will be available to students for later review, or to attend at a different time, in the course website (accessible only to program registrants).


There are three different modules + An examination period

Each module includes one month of classes, one month of practicum, homework, self and client practices, assigned reading, and group calls. 

All group calls are run by Krista, and she is accessible via email to support all students with course-related questions throughout the program. Group call dates and times are scheduled to accommodate students in overseas, eastern and west coast time zones, and may change with sufficient notice. The course administrator will be accessible by phone or email to provide program or technical support throughout the course.





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EXAMINATION PERIOD -- Here’s what you need do to get certified as a professional crystal healer:

You must successfully complete the at-home exam (yes you can use your notes!) to be a certified as a professional crystal healer (CCH) by Krista Mitchell. Once your examination has been approved by Krista, you will be mailed a signed certificate and you will have the option to be added to the listing of certified crystal pros on Krista's website. You will also receive an invitation to join the private "Rock Whisperers" group on Facebook to stay connected to the community. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: All homework logs MUST be submitted on time to qualify for certification! If you do not submit your homework logs, you will still be allowed to continue through the program, but you will not be allowed to write the examination, and you will be disqualified from certification.

After the examination due date has passed, the program's private Facebook page and website will close. You will have until that date (August 31st, 2019) to watch all class videos and have access to all resources and class materials.

In Summary, Here's what you’ll learn from the program:

✔️  Develop a deep, intuitive relationship to crystals and a practical, working knowledge of their properties and energy

✔️ Clear, dissolve, shift, and amplify frequencies with crystals within a person’s energy body to help effect healing, transformation, and desired results, including balancing and unblocking chakras

✔️  Design and build involved crystal layouts and matrices to address a multitude of needs, issues, or challenges simultaneously, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing

✔️  Cultivate your own psychic, intuitive, spiritual, and energy healing abilities to give you an added edge in your work

✔️  How to listen to, support, and work with your clients so that you establish trusting, long-term healing relationships

✔️ Clear and hold sacred space effectively during healing sessions, as well as how to maintain both professional and psychic/energetic boundaries

✔️  Clear the aura and remove benign parasitic or energy attachments

✔️  Establish a high-standard, ethical, professional healing practice (note: this is not a business or a marketing course, this is a professional training course for healers). Krista will share real world advice on how to run a business as a healing professional, with additional resources and content provided in the course website

✔️ Psychic surgery and healing with crystal wands

✔️  Feeling energy with your hands and becoming the vessel for healing guidance and energy in a session, as opposed to relying on pendulums or other divination devices

✔️  Self-attunement to healing prana with crystals

Here’s what you’ll get with the program:

✔️  A week of orientation consisting of short emails introducing you to the dedicated course site material, and to help prepare you for the first class

✔️  24+ hours of specialized class time with Krista (value $4,800)

✔️  3 hours of group calls with Krista (value $600)

✔️  12 weeks of practicum with email support from Krista (value $2,400)

✔️ Dedicated, password-protected website ("Course Hub") with all sorts of resources including business and abundance development resources, client intake and release forms, recorded meditations, online crystal store discounts, link for free crystal app, class materials, dedicated course Admin for technical support and program-related questions, and added discounted goodies + freebies as the program progresses (value $1,500)

✔️  Certified Crystal Healer listing on Krista's "Find a Crystal Pro" certified practitioner listing on her website, referral opportunities, signed certificate, and a giant leap in the direction of your professional crystal healer dreams and development (value: priceless!)

✔️ Private Facebook group for community and support (community rocks!)

Total actual value of the program: $9,300

Added Bonuses and Goodies!

+  Free "Unleash Your Power: Guided Meditations for Spiritual Transformation" digital album, including 4 guided meditations (3rd eye activation, spirit guide, manifestation, and healing)

+  Crystal discounts* at reputable online stores! All registrants will receive the following unlimited discount codes: 15% off at Chrizza Stones + access to a discounted crystal list exclusive to program members; 10% at! And 10% off at!

+ Free crystal app* from!

*Links to download the app and discount codes can be found in the Pro Crystal Healer instruction .pdf file. A link to download the .pdf will be automatically emailed to you after you complete checkout.

All pricing is in US dollars.


Refund policy: You have the option to cancel and receive a full refund up to 14 days prior to the start of the class. After that deadline, there are no refunds.
If you register within 14 days of the start of the class, there are no refunds.



Refund policy: All payments are non-refundable, however you can cancel at any time prior to your next scheduled payment and cancel your registration. Defaulting on your payment plan will result in your removal from the program and will disqualify you from certification. Payments cannot be credited towards future re-enrollment or delayed completion of the program. In registering you are 100% agreeing to this policy.

All refund policies are final and honored without exception.

TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: Click here for a listing of technical requirements and options.

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