Pro Crystal Healer Course is a 6-month, interactive online program designed to:

  • help you develop advanced crystal healing skills + theory

  • provide practical training through working on yourself + practice clients

  • cultivate your own innate healing abilities + intuition

  • build a crystal healing practice that meets a high level of professional ethics + standards

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Course Runs from Sept. 28, 2019 - May 31, 2020

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There’s so much to learn about crystal healing:

  • how to care for crystals and work with them safely

  • remember all their metaphysical properties

  • where and how to apply them on the body

  • their effects on the human energy system (aura, chakras, nervous system, endocrine system, emotional body, mind body, psyche, soul, etc.)

  • how to take care of your own self so that you don’t absorb any harmful or negative energy while giving a session to someone else

  • how to deal with clients: the good, the bad, and the boundary-breaking

  • how to build your biz so that you get clients to begin with!

  • how to set up and clear the energy of your space, no matter where you’re working

  • how to proceed down your healing path with confidence and joy


BUT, trust me when I say: All that stuff can be learned!

What can’t be learned is the voice inside that’s calling you to help people heal.

That’s the driving force of who you ARE.

And the world needs you. Now.

Pro Crystal Healer course /

In my experience as a full-time, professional crystal healer, I can say with conviction that what crystal therapy is truly about is PEOPLE.

Their pain, wellness, dreams, fears. Their desire to get better, to be more than what they thought possible.

And that’s the reason YOU’RE here: Because you want to heal, and you want to help others do the same.

To help make the world better — one person at a time.

I know that calling, I answered mine 15 years ago.

And that calling is the guiding force behind this program.

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Why choose me as your teacher?

I have been a passionate advocate for crystal healing as a healer, teacher, author, and crystal medium since 2005.

  • I've got 15 years of real-life, full-time crystal therapy experience.

  • I have worked with literally over 1,000 clients and students.

  • When I built my full-time healing practice in New York City, it was based on word of mouth. It was post-9/11 and just before the economic downturn. Spiritual healing was not mainstream visible like it is now, and yet, my work was so successful that I was able to quit my day-jobs and thrive full-time.

  • I have worked with a wide spectrum of people and serious issues.
    I didn't get the mystic jelly types looking for a far-out experience.
    The people who came to me were so desperate to feel better that they'd try anything.
    HIV, cancer, people recovering from trauma, abuse, alcoholism, addiction, violent crime, and even medical malpractice.
    People stuck in corporate jobs they hated. In relationships that were toxic. Stuck in their own limiting beliefs in their head.
    Most were sceptics. However my repeat client rate was well over 50%.

  • I'm honest, no B.S., grounded, and a giver. I believe in this work, I love my students, and I am committed, no, devoted, to the clients out there who need healing. I aim to deliver 100% every time.

❗️There are no current standards of practice or licensing in the field of crystal healing, which means anyone and their granny can do "research" and then offer courses!

Knowing about your teacher and their qualifications + experience is crucial if you want to find legit crystal therapy training.


Benefits of the program:


  • Developing a deep, intuitive relationship to crystals and a practical, working knowledge of their properties and how they effect a person’s energy.

  • Advancing your crystal healing skills. Whether you are a beginner or already have experience, this program is designed to move you to the next level in your work.

  • Learning a method of crystal healing that is safe, effective, and that can address a wide range of concerns, because it was developed through years of working with real people who had real problems.

  • You will be able to custom design and build crystal layouts to suit your client’s specific needs. You’ll learn how to address a multitude of issues, challenges, or desired results within a session — from the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, to balancing and unblocking chakras, to clearing parasitic attachments from the aura.

  • Confidence in your abilities, worth, and intuitive skills as a healer, because you’ll have spent six months cultivating, refining, and strengthening them within a supportive framework and community.

  • Transformation and accelerated growth. As healers, our greatest teacher is our own healing process — and so in this program we learn by working on ourselves and honoring our own process, as well as through theory and client practice. The result is personal healing and progress, which helps to improve your own health and life, and in turn increases your healing wisdom, understanding of the healing process, and your ability to help others.

  • Developing your own voice, style, and even specialty as a crystal healer. Everyone is wired differently — you learn how you work best, what your gifts are and how to use them, and discover your passion and path with the work.

  • Working at a high level of standards, ethics, and professionalism, which increases the value and efficacy of your crystal healing practice. By the end of this training you’ll know how to expertly clear, shield, and raise the frequency of your energy and the energy of your space, how to honor and maintain healthy boundaries, how to take care of yourself, and how to establish trusting, long-term healing relationships with your clients.

  • You’ll be ready to go pro. You’ll have the necessary skill-set to start working professionally as an advanced crystal healer, to launch your healing practice, open your healing center, or add to your listing of professional services.


Flux Fnord.jpg

“This program is a portal! So many dreams of mine have come into actuality because of engaging with this process. I feel transformed into an entirely new being. I feel prepared to open a professional practice doing something that I find deeply meaningful: supporting people on their healing and ascension journey! Krista is a wise, organized, and compassionate teacher and healer. I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone whether you want to open a professional healing practice or just expand and deepen your relationship to the mineral kingdom.” - Flux Fnord, @ceruleanserpent,


How it works:














3x crystal healing modules that each contain: 4 weekly classes, followed by 1 month of independent study for reading and practice

24x ninety (90) minute interactive classes taught live online by Krista. All classes include time for Q&A. Recordings + transcripts are made available after each class

Video tutorials, guided meditation recordings, and handouts

8x months of email support from Krista and her team

3x group video Q&A calls led by Krista

Receive personal assessment and feedback on your work from Krista

Additional Pro resources and biz classes for healers to help you set up your crystal healing practice. Includes a class taught by Krista on crystal healing business basics, legal, form and client note templates, referrals to money + abundance consciousness resources, referrals to trusted business + marketing resources, and interviews with guest experts on marketing, self-publishing, social media, and more!

The option to be listed for free as a Certified Crystal Healer (CCH) on Krista's "Find a Crystal Pro" referral page

Unlimited access to the private Pro Crystal Healer platform with all classes and materials until May 31st, 2020

Access to a private Facebook group to meet + interact with fellow students

Auditing future programs: All certified students can audit future programs for a nominal fee

Open to international students

Seamlessly integrates with other healings systems including Reiki, acupuncture, aromatherapy, and sound healing




Daniëlle van den Stoom, CCH
Certified Pro Crystal Healer, Class of 2018



The Curriculum

Pro Crystal Healer Course is divided into four modules of two months each: one month of weekly classes and tutorials, followed by one month of independent study and practice.

This allows you to first learn, and then apply what you’ve learned in a healing session.

To qualify for certification, session reports and student logs are due at the end of each module (excluding the examination module).

All classes, group calls, homework and examinations are taught and reviewed by Krista.



SEPT. 28 — NOV. 18, 2019

In this module you learn:

  • how to attune to crystal energy

  • activate prana with crystals (for optional hands-on work)

  • the chakra system

  • scientific theory of crystal healing

  • A-Z crystal healing protocols for physical wellness including underlying emotional causes discussed in class with handouts

  • how to give a professional-level physical healing session with crystals

  • energy clearing and sensing the auric field

  • group Q&A video call during practicum

Assigned reading, quizzes, self-healing practice, and client practices are also included, with additional video tutorials.

A session report and student log is due by the end of this module in order to qualify for certification.



NOV. 23, 2019 — JAN. 27, 2020*

In this module you move deeper into the work, learning about:

  • the shadow self and its effects on the psyche

  • crystal healing for subconscious mental and emotional blocks

  • A-Z crystal protocols for mental and emotional support and wellness, discussed in class and with provided handouts

  • psychic and intuitive development with crystals

  • energy clearing + shielding practices

  • maintaining healthy energy + emotional boundaries with clients

  • how to give a professional-level crystal healing session for both physical as well as mental/emotional wellness

  • metaphysical energy techniques that compliment a crystal healing practice, including clearing energy blockages from the aura

  • group Q&A video call during practicum

Assigned reading, quizzes, self-healing and client practices are also included, with additional video tutorials.

A session report and student log is due by the end of this module in order to qualify for certification.

*Please note there is an additional two weeks added to this module to accommodate year-end holidays or travel.



MODULE 3: SPIRITUAL HEALING + Advanced Energy clearing
FEB. 1 — MARCH 23, 2020

In this module we focus on:

  • spiritual levels of healing, including karmic wounds and past life memories

  • removing parasitic attachments and cords from the aura

  • crystals for psychic activation and phenomena

  • expanding to greater levels of consciousness, awareness, and connection to Spirit through crystal work

  • advanced energy clearing and shielding techniques for yourself + healing space

  • A-Z listing of spiritual crystal protocols with handouts

  • group Q&A video call during practicum

Assigned reading, quizzes, self-healing and client practices are also included, with additional video tutorials.

A session report and student log is due by the end of this module in order to qualify for certification.



Module 4: Examination + Pro Preparation
MAR. 30 — MAY 31, 2020

In this module you have time to review, and then write an at-home examination that is required for certification.

Additional resources are provided to help you establish your crystal healing practice, including expert interviews, forms, waivers and checklists, a listing of trusted resources, and two additional video tutorials from Krista on crystal healing business basics and tips on how to grow your clientele.

There is a group Q&A video call schedule mid-way through this module to answer questions about the exam, and about building a crystal healing business.



Who’s taken this course:

Healers, pro or transitioning from other careers
Medical professionals
Licensed Healthcare Practitioners
Social workers
Spiritual seekers and crystal lovers
People who are coping with or recovering from serious illness

Beginners: you are welcome! You often learn the best. But please note that this is not a beginner course. Resources are provided in the program to help you cover the basics before you start your training.



Nicole Fortunaso, CCH
Certified Pro Crystal Healer, Class of 2018


REquired materials


There are crystals and books that are required for this course.
Please click the button below for a current listing.



“To be a healer is to leave a handprint and a heartprint as your legacy. Your life is your school, your art is your work, your teachers are your clients, your modalities are your tools, and your path of mastery is lifelong. Always remember this, and in good times and bad, moments of triumph or failure, you will stay aligned with your calling and purpose.” - Krista N. Mitchell, Crystal Reiki"


Re-cap: here’s what you get

  • 4x crystal healing modules

  • 24x ninety (90) minute interactive classes taught live online by Krista

  • 8x months of email support from Krista and her team

  • 4x group video Q&A calls led by Krista

  • Unlimited access to the private Pro Crystal Healer course hub until May 31st, 2020

  • Personal assessment and feedback from Krista

  • Additional Pro resources to help you set up your crystal healing practice

  • Free listing as a Certified Crystal Healer (CCH) on Krista's "Find a Crystal Pro" referral page

  • Access to a private Facebook group





“If you were ever in doubt about taking in this class, I would honestly recommend you do it! You will not regret it at all. I cannot express how much I have learnt in these past 6 months — it has been truly transformational! It really has opened my eyes to the world of professional crystal healing in a much more manageable way. Such an amazing course and it’s mind blowing how much you actually learn and synthesize by the end of the last module. Far and away the best course I have ever taken on crystal healing, and in a very practical way.” - Meeta Mistry, Ashton-under-lyne, Lancashire, England


I have found this program so profound to my practice. The way Krista has designed this program is so practical and useful in helping to provide crystal healing services to others. I would highly recommend a serious look at this program if you are looking to become certified, or even if you want the knowledge and education for your own life.” - April Harmon 



“When I signed up for this course, I was a bit nervous about learning anything useful. After all, I had 40 years of taught and self-taught information in various spiritual healing subjects. What really happened is that I was blown away by the quality of this course and teacher. Her information on crystals, energy and different techniques in using all her own skills was extremely well presented in a learnable and thoughtful way. I highly recommend this course!”
- Constance LaFrance

“Where to begin….to say this course has been transformative would be an understatement. It is Exceptional! The richness of this learning spiritual journey is fascinating! Krista’s knowledge and expertise have helped me to develop and deepen my own personal journey as well as teach me how to assist others with their spiritual healing. The Pro Crystal Healer Course has been instrumental in the unfolding of my spiritual healing abilities. I highly recommend this class to all that are interested in adding the powerful and illuminating, crystal healing frequencies to their healing practice, as well as to anyone looking to expedite their own spiritual transformation.” - Shirley Poppel

registration IS Now closed

Jennifer Ciccone.jpg

"The Pro Crystal Healer by Krista Mitchell is a great program. I didn’t realize how much I was learning until I’d go into a crystal shop and start talking to people. I got results every time in my crystal healing sessions. Even if you aren’t looking to become a professional you will benefit greatly by including crystals and crystal knowledge into your lifestyle. I grew leaps and bounds in the last 6 months and I feel satisfied with my investment." - Jennifer Ciccone


Have questions? ASK Us!


Both Krista Mitchell and the Pro Crystal Healer Course have been reviewed, approved and accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine


Here’s what Pro Crystal Healer students have to say:


“This course was really transformational for me, in a spiritual, emotional and physical sense. It also gave me all the knowledge I needed to start a crystal healing practice, and motivates me to keep expanding my knowledge as a healer. I can now feel confident conducting a healing and knowing that I am helping these people by placing the right crystals to create change within them.

This course if different than most crystal healing courses you find, as it is very in-depth. Also it makes you practice what you are learning and has assignments with due dates, which was great for me because I need that motivation and structure to get things done sometimes.

This is highly recommended if you want to purse crystal healing on a professional or personal scale.
” - Arianna Smith


“This is by far the best of the best courses on crystals and crystal healing. It’s definitely an intense course, but so worth the time and investment. Krista knows her stuff! To me, I see her on an even or higher plane than Judy Hall – and I love Judy Hall!

If you want a really strong course on crystals and you are hesitating at all, I say push through the hesitation and do it! Krista is AMAZING. I feel so much stronger now crystals after this course. Thank you so much Krista, you are THE BEST.” - Jami Gibson, Durham, NC


"Krista, words can’t even explain how grateful I am for all that you do. Your passion and knowledge is so inspiring, I feel so blessed that you’re sharing all of this with the world and to have you as my mentor. This course showed up in my life at THE perfect time and it’s been such an incredible journey of self-discovery and self-development. I look forward in seeing where this will bring me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! xx" - C. Chisholm


Krista Mitchell’s Pro Crystal Healer Certification course is a must for anyone wanting to build your use and knowledge of crystals. I absolutely endorse this course as a life changing investment in yourself and your practice, whatever your background training or foundation is. Krista is the real deal and you truly get the “Rock Whisperer”, in all sense of the word. She is a practitioner that has walked the walk and talked the talk. The gems of knowledge she shares during this course are as rare and beautiful as the gifts from the Earth you learn about. My working knowledge of crystals was basic and rudimentary at best before I started this journey. I feel that I have expanded my knowledge of crystals and adding these tools has elevated my Reiki Master skills to another level. The ability to customize a session with relevant crystals, whether it is for me or a client, is empowering, humbling and the ultimate healing opportunity.”

- Elizabeth F., New Jersey, Certified Reiki Master


“THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU KRISTA !!!!!! I am really grateful that I was guided to do this life changing course. Personally, it has been challenging and beautiful. I have discovered myself in different angles and really began trusting in me. Thank for showing this path and hope you can continue lighting my path with your knowledge, authenticity, love and compassion.”

Many, many blessings, Namaste, Beatriz


This course helped me not only to increase my connection to crystals, but also to address my personal issues using crystals’ power. Krista is a dedicated teacher who was always available to answer questions and provide guidance to her students. The community of this course was always supportive. It can definitely say that this course made me change spiritually.”

-Nika, ixthehermit


I found the class way more extensive than I expected. There was a tremendous amount of material and Krista’s expertise and knowledge of crystal healing is mind-blowing. At the beginning I felt overwhelmed and couldn’t imagine ever feeling capable of doing sessions. But the step by step methodology and the separation of the program into physical, emotional and spiritual allowed the information to sink in and to build on itself. I feel ready to tackle the world of crystal healing and am grateful for the experience. I would highly recommend any of Krista’s programs.”

- D. Gray, New Jersey


I loved this course Krista! I remember starting to get interested in crystals but I didn’t know much about them and picked up your book. I finished it the day I got it and then read it again twice! I knew if I ever took a crystal course you would be my teacher; and then sure enough, as the universe unfolds things, I saw you were offering a course. I find your energy refreshing, honest, and your wisdom and love for crystals and healing clearly shows! Your level of integrity for this work is wonderful, and sadly not a skill everyone has. I have learned so much in this program and feel so prepared to bring this work out into the world. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher!”

- H. Lemke


Krista’s program has helped me immensely within my professional and personal life. Within my time in the course, my life has improved. I feel more aligned to my true life’s purpose and have been continuously attracting what I need. I did face numerous challenges of life, as does anyone, but I felt that the course prepared me emotionally and mentally to accept it. Her caring and loving nature shines through her classes and well thought out emails. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her and I cannot wait to do so again within the future.”

- J. Hann


"This Crystal Certification really was beyond what I expected. I not only learned a tremendous amount about the healing properties of crystals but I also did a lot of self-reflection and healing. Krista is an amazing teacher and will always be my go to for Crystal Healing. It was truly a magical experience which I’m truly grateful to be a part of."

- Christie Bokulic


“Krista is such a great teacher, full of knowledge and experience. The structure of this course couldn’t have been more perfect and is suitable for any lifestyle. I loved the connection of the live classes, group video calls, the ability to make up missed sessions by recorded classes, and personal feedback provided from Krista on the crystal healing work that you’ve done. If you have a serious interest in learning more about crystals and their healing powers, I highly recommend taking this course with Krista.”

- Mandee Metzger


“Krista’s Pro Crystal Healer course is so well rounded and thorough. I came into the course having taught myself a little bit about crystal energy and different crystal properties and was nervous, being a beginner, that the course would be way over my head. It wasn’t. And now I’m light years ahead of where I thought I would be finishing this course. The flow of the course is wonderful, beginning with the more physical effects of crystal energy, then into the emotional support they can lend, and lastly the spiritual support. There is something for everyone in this course. Krista as a teacher is so supportive and thoughtful, and you can feel this is the work she was born to do. It radiates from her very essence.

Whether you feel you want to practice crystal healing professionally, or just want to gain more knowledge for yourself, I highly recommend this course to anyone with an interest in crystals.”

- Megan McCrea


A good crystal course is hard to find. Krista brings her passion for crystals and teaching to the fore in this course. Her knowledge is incredible, her experience is vast and her sense of humour is infectious. I thoroughly recommend her Pro Crystal Healer Course. I have learned so much during this course - not just about crystals and their ability to heal, but also a lot about myself. Thank you Krista for all your encouragement and wisdom.”

- Rochelle S.


“I would describe Krista Mitchell as someone who is fiercely passionate about crystals. That is why I wanted to take the Pro Crystal Healer course from her. The way that she teaches is intense but loving at the same time. The class was even more profound for me than I ever thought possible. Krista holds a safe, loving space for the class that allowed me to feel protected while I was studying. She dives deep into many subjects while still respecting others’ beliefs. I have learned to connect deeply with each crystal in a way that I would not have gotten from reading a book or watching YouTube videos. This is by far the best class that I have every taken in any subject. No college course or workshop has changed my life as much as this course has. I will forever be grateful to Krista for facilitating this.”

- Mari Robbins


“The good point also is to have books to read regarding healing, energy healing processes, self-healing, personal development. And not purely books about crystals. Being aware of the energy, of our own weaknesses, strength and self-healing, personal development process is very important. The better the healer understand and heal himself and the better he can treat its clients.’

- Nathalie Cheron


“I learned a lot and changed a lot during the course. I guess you could say it changed my life, even if the change started in fact one month before the course, when I took the decision to take the course. My intuition has developed tremendously, I am now at ease with using it, and able to assess accurately what a client may need. I am also able now to perceive different spiritual layers of energy. On a more personal level, I have understood how as an empath I can help people around me and be less depleted energetically (even if I still need to progress), and the course also propelled me in the world of emotional healing (lots of work to do yet !!!). So, as I said, my world has turned upside down, I was able to help tremendously my friends and clients on their life path, and I am very grateful for all that. Thank you!”

- Céline Thompson


I was very skeptical on taking a class online with an instructor I didn’t know, but I took the leap! I have to say I have learned so much and felt so supported every step of the journey. The Pro Crystal Healer course has changed my life in so many ways! Krista is a wonder teacher and I’m so thankful for all she does!”

- Jenn Jones Class 2018


This program has changed my life. The material is organized and quite in depth, but it is also taught from a place of compassion and respect, not just in the conversation of energy but compassion for every student and respect for each individuals personal journey. Krista really emanates a light like no other, a love and understanding of healing that transcends the boundaries of what I even thought possible.

The things I have learned over the last 7 months have come together in ways no other teachings I have found or done. It's like you have always had all the pieces, but for the first time you now know how to put them together and put them into use. I truly recommend this program from the bottom of my heart, not just professionally but personally. It's hard work, and you have to dig deep, but the way that we that evolve throughout this program is truly beautiful. I will always be grateful for Krista's commitment and integrity to her work, she teaches you to become not just professional and to be grounded in your work as a healer, but also in the way that Krista teaches the material, will in turn send you on a magical journey into your own inner resources and empowerment. Thank you Krista!”

- Patience Addley


This was the best class I have seen when it comes to energy work with crystals. I was able to feel and develop my abilities further. The class was well paced the homework assignments were fun and informative. I am glad the class was recorded so i can access it anytime during my training. Krista definitely knows her stuff. I definitely recommend learning from her first. It completely opened up a new world for me.”

- Ken Lara, LMT


I am pleasantly pleased at the depth and breadth of this course. I learned a great deal more than I had hoped to. Krista was professional, while also being very welcoming and gracious. I would recommend this course.” - Ricki Wilson


"I was really looking forward to this class as I had begun my journey back into crystal healing over the last year. I had no idea what to expect or what would occur over these last 6 months but wow, it has been amazing and a true blessing!

This class makes you work to understand crystals, how they can help, healing and a myriad of other benefits but the true highlight of her program is taking a deep look at yourself. Often you hear the best physicians take care of themselves, this is even more important when it comes to energy work and healing.

Dealing with things that affect yourself deeply, how to handle other people’s energy and how to help them based on what they tell you are all cornerstones of this program and I am so thankful and blessed to have been a part of it. Most important, you yourself have to be right to do this and be effective, caring and compassionate. I have more to learn and mostly about myself. Krista has helped me get a good solid foundation for that and the strong desire to continue growth in healing and helping others." - Jim Monahan


"I was looking for the next step. I was drawn to crystals, but not sure what to do with them. How do you use them? How do you know which ones do what? A crystal bible can seem overwhelming when you do not know where to begin.

I had also started taking reiki during the same time. I found that this class was a perfect addition. Krista took us from beginner, “I know nothing” state, to feeling confidence and excited to try another protocol or discover a new use for our growing crystal collections.

Krista is easy to follow, open to any questions (related to the course), and funny as all get out. This is serious business too, and she wants us all to be successful in treating our clients and what better way to learn then to practice on ourselves.

I recommend her course to anyone interested in being a BAD A** Crystal Healer! Thank you Krista!"
- Renee Rottacker