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Chakra Balancing

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Find out which of your chakras are imbalanced and how to shift them with crystals! A book of seven cute and fun quizzes that teach you:
- About your chakras
- Which ones are out of alignment, and how that affects your life and health
- Easy ways to change your energy with crystals


"Your mother-in-law calls you on the phone and starts telling you what you should do with your life and advising you on your marriage. You:

a. Listen in stunned silence until the barrage finally ends, then make your excuses to get off the call, feeling angry, violated, and drained.
b. Cut in firmly and politely, and make it clear that while she’s entitled to her opinions, you’d prefer to keep your life and your marriage your business.
c. Interrupt her and start telling her what she should be doing with HER life and marriage!"

"Will crystals solve your problems overnight? Of course not. My purpose for this book is to help you easily learn how to assess imbalances in your energy system, and to give you suggestions on ways to address them with crystal energy. You still need to consciously work on yourself and make loving, empowering choices in your life, but with an added layer of crystal support and a greater understanding of yourself as an energy being, this can be made easier. "
- Krista Mitchell, "Crystal Unicorn Quiz Book: Chakra Balancing"


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