Crystal Manifestation Magic

Where are you in terms of your new year intentions or goals?

Whether you’re on track, or need to regroup, you can put into place all sorts of things to support yourself:

goals, check lists, accountability partners, etc.

But what about your energy?

In this experiential online video workshop, you will learn how to work with crystals to channel powerful energy towards the successful achievement of your goals.


You will participate in Crystal rituals and practices to:

  • Clear your energy

  • Open the road of opportunity and success

  • Charge a crystal with the energy of your intentions

  • Create a sacred metaphysical vessel for manifestation,


  • A guided meditation to call in help and guidance from your spirit guide

PLUS: A handout on how to maintain a 40-day, mini manifestation crystal practice to help you pursue your goals after the workshop

The purpose of this workshop is to support you energetically in achieving your goals and dreams for 2019.


Materials you will need: