The Crystalline Academy™️

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Pro Crystal Reader
Certification Course

Practice the ancient art of crystal divination, and learn how to give psychic crystal readings like a pro.

Master crystal meanings, shapes, colors, and chakra associations.
Become certified!


Crystal EMpowerment for Empaths

Learn how to work with crystal energy to clear + shield your aura from negative vibes,

protect yourself from draining energy vampires,

and empower yourself like a true master for the rest of your life!


Psychic Shield: Energy Protection for Healers

If you’re a healer or an empath, and you worry about taking on lower, harmful energy, this practical step-by-step course is a must!

Learn how to work with frequencies of light, sacred symbols, herbs, oils, crystals and more to shield yourself AND your space!

Past Life Journey Through the Akashic Records /

Past life Journey

This is an mp3 guided session with a companion workbook that helps you discover and learn from your past lives, journeying in spirit to your Akashic Records to connect with your guides and travel back through past life memories.

Protective Crystal Shield /

Protective Crystal Shield

A how-to video to help healers create their own crystal energy shield.

With this technique, you’ll be able to effectively shield your aura and reduce the risk of transference while you're doing your healing work.

Crystal Reiki Grid /

Crystal Reiki Room Grid

A step by step video teaching reiki (and other) healers how to grid their therapy room with crystals.

Based on her experiences as a full-time crystal healer in the heart of New York City, Krista shares with you how she used crystals to grid her healing room to help hold, shield, and purify the energy of her space.