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Krista N. Mitchell’s best-selling debut book on Amazon, Change Your Energy: Healing Crystals for Health, Wealth, Love & Luck is a practical, day-to-day guide on working with crystals complete with case studies, anecdotes, therapeutic crystal layouts, bath infusions, and crystal tonics. From the 101 basics of working with crystals to how you can use them for your love life, career, money, health, travel, emotional healing, and spiritual growth, this handbook is a must-have. Read what those in the spiritual “know how” community are reading!


"Krista Mitchell gives her brilliant insight into just how crystals can help us energetically, making this book a priceless guide."
Raven Keyes, author of  The Healing Power of Reiki and The Healing Light of Angels. 

"Have you always wanted to work with crystals but it seemed too complicated…Or are you an expert looking for a comprehensive guide on crystals, their properties, and new ways to work with them? ... If you are looking to purchase one book on crystals, choose this one. A fascinating do-it-yourself guide on how to change your energy and your life using crystals."
Susan Lander, Esq., author of  Conversations with History: Inspiration, Reflections and Advice from History-Makers and Celebrities on the Other Side (Hay House).


"Krista Mitchell has written the best and most informative work on crystals and healing! A great and important book for those interested in the field."
- Brett Bevell, author of  Reiki for Spiritual Healing and The Wizard's Guide to Energy Healing: Introducing the Divine Healing Secrets of Merlin.


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