52 min., $17

This is a guided pre-recorded session with a companion workbook that helps you discover and learn from your past lives, journeying in spirit to your Akashic Records to connect with your guides and travel back through past life memories.

The Akashic Records is a divine realm of light believed to contain all information about human life and the Universe. It is said to contain the record of your soul and the stories of your many past lives. Accessing this realm provides a greater understanding of who you are in this lifetime, your relationship patterns, your fears or behaviors, as well as your karma and what you may need to heal or release from your past lifetimes. This past life retrieval session was created by Krista and can be used multiple times to access your Akashic Records.

The recording consists of a journey into three past life memories. The recorded instructions provide you with: prompts to communicate with your guides; audio pointers to remain empowered and in control throughout your journey; and guided questions to help you receive information or insight needed from each past life memory. As you experience each past life journey, there will be periods of silence to facilitate an uninterrupted past life journey into the Akashic Records.

The accompanying workbook will have detailed instructions, pointers, answers to frequently asked questions, and a safety disclaimer. It also contains log sheets so that you can keep notes of your past life journeys and the pertinent details from each memory.

Format: MP3 + .pdf workbook

All product offerings are recorded and administered by the author, Krista N. Mitchell.